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Thread: Hello from Taiwan

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    Hello from Taiwan

    Hi my name is Aaron and I have been growing CPs for a little more than a year. Nepenthes is my thing.
    My problems are:
    1. I have lowland summers, but winters are a little too cold for some lowlanders
    2. Space. (I live in an apartment)
    3. Sometimes during Summer, i only get about 3-4 hrs of sun

    I'm exited to meet other growers around the world and their plants!

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    Welcome Aaron! I also have troubles growing nepenthes in my climate. far too cold in winter and summer temps and humidity swing wildly which annoys nepenthes quite a bit.

    all my neps grow inside year round now, luckily they dont need strong lighting so its affordable to do. even with little space i hope you can get a couple easy going plants that wont mind the conditions
    lover of toothy species and hybrids


    highland tent

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