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Thread: hello from Palo Alto, California

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    hello from Palo Alto, California

    Hi! I've been a member of Flytrap forums for about a month now and when I heard about this I was stoked! I'm always open to trade so I can diversify my collection. currently, I grow tons of things, including sarrs, neps, vfts, dews, byblis, utrics, dewy pines, and a lot of succulents.

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    Welcome to TF, Bennett! I hope you enjoy yourself here. If you haven't already you might want to do some searches for past posts on your favorite plant subjects. There is a lot of collected knowledge available here.
    - Mark

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    Welcome! Make sure to start a growlist thread in that part of the forum so we can see what you have (and maybe a wish list) to help with trades when you post about one later on!
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