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  1. can you clear your pm space?
  2. Just private message me here.
  3. What's your gmail
  4. Its better if you contact me through personal messaging. The source I got it from is already sold out.
  5. Hello if you don't mind me asking.. How and where did you get your

    nepenthes edwardsiana at?
  6. I have some pictures on my heliamphora setup thread I think. The tent is very useful.
  7. No problem, the AC should make cooling pretty easy.
  8. Thank you so much! That was very helpful . That's pretty much what I have now is a smaller chamber that gets really cold temps to 72 to 69 day time night: is 49 to about 60 nothing higher than that. But I'm gonna be moving to a grow tent which I saw you did to.. Hope it's gonna work out well I have a really cool ac thank god haha thanks again
  9. Thanks for the comment, I had the villosa in smaller setup that got colder temperatures. For the small setup I used a water cooler hooked up with a radiator and I got temps of 70 days and 52 nights. The larger setup has an AC unit cooling it but it doesnt get the night temperatures as low as before. I get 73-80, 55-60 nights. I got the villosa from Tony in May.
  10. Hello

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you but I noticed your post about your se up..
    I had a few questions for you. How do you cool your plants down at night for your nepenthes villosa great growing on that btw.. What's are your day time and night time temps.. How long ago did you get the villosa from tony..

    Thanks so much
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