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    Found a vft

    I agree with them all. Stealing is wrong. You should return it to its orignal spot.
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    Plant not opening leaves

    Hi I have a momasa and it's leaves are not opening. Can aneyone help me. I NEED IT FAST. pardon my spelling.
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    Yep VFT are very fun to have  and fun to feed. The big thing is dormancey couse most instuctins dont talk about it. My new VFT is going dorment. I don't mind itll wack up in the spring. I stick it in the frige. To sute its natrul needs. have fun Acflyer123
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    New trap winter dormancey

    I bot a new venve fly trap. Its supposed to be in summer groth but it is going dorment. Isnt that weared
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    Help please

    Thanks for the info.
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    Help please

    But its becoming winter and all i have is a plant light plus a small amount of sun. And i have no place thats hot.
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    My vft ate a frog

    I never knew fly traps like frog legs.
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    Help please

     My trap has a small;leaf,root and trap ! What do i do to help it? so it will Live.