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    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    Adnedarn, in a few months, you posts will be like this: "Update time for my house nep! It's vines are starting to grow out of the house a little bit."
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    Thanks, I really want to send them out and spread bug happiness!
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    Received the Opuntia today! :) Haven't heard from BensBeasts and no shipping payment has arrived. I'm about to sell off all my isopod colonies and I've told BensBeasts that they only have the first week or two of August to get back to me. Ive sent several messages trying to get the "auction...
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    What plant is bigger?

    What plant is bigger? How would you rank them in size order? N. 'Miranda' N. ventricosa N. ventrata Please mention average leaf size, pitcher size, and vine length/growth. Thanks!
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    Got contact from both parties. I've been told the Opuntia will be resent the next time the donor visits the parent's house. BensBeasts says he will pay shipping (and requests the bugs to be shipped) in a few weeks . . . I replied saying: "Please give me a date when you will send shipping...
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    Plants never arrived, trying to contact donor, but I get no reply. (PAID) (Acro $12) Opuntia humifusa pads
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    I'm trying to ship out some bugs to the winner, but they haven't given me an address or shipping payment! Please help! Here is the listing: (PAID) (BensBeasts $16) Pink Isopods (Cubaris murina 'papaya') I want to send them their bugs!
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    (PAID) (BensBeasts $16) Pink Isopods (Cubaris murina 'papaya')

    I'm still waiting for shipping payment and an address. BensBeasts has not contacted me.
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    New Nepenthes species discovered; Nepenthes pudica

    That will make some interesting hybrids.
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    (PAID) (Acro $12) Opuntia humifusa pads

    USPS says box was "delivered" but nothing arrived. Just messaged tjwilt to figure things out.
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    (PAID) (Acro $15) Ostrich Plume Fern

    Got it awhile ago, growing new leaves, thanks!