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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I have a bunch more of my Pygmy Dews going into Gemmae production. Pulchella x Nitidula. I'll be sending you a ton of them in the next few weeks when they are ripe. I believe I still have your addy, but if I dont, I'll pm you and ask for your addy.
    I hope you have a really great birthday.
    Thanks I guess I'm kinda clueless to just now see I had birthday messages.

    Thanks again
    All of my CP's live outside during the summer.. we have perfect H/L conditions here during those few months.
    Glad the utrics are working out for you my friend.. We'll be seeing flowers in no time.
    I would say to wait a few days though, just got a light installed yesterday and waiting to see if it works for pings. If it works, I'll see what I have for you. if not, I'll move my plants 1 inch closer to the light per week till I find something good, my dad said he'll build me some sort of support.
    let me know what you have, and we should send before to many weeks pass as winter is on the way here.
    check out my grow list, its fairly uptodate , but im OK with having extras on some of my plants , Im beginning to like the pings quite a lot.
    It was a 'Miranda' avatar, then for about 1 hour I had a Britney Spears looking like a 'tard avvie, and then I settled with this.
    No, I am trying to find some plants. Right now I have three small Pale Pitcher offshoots, and I bought a ping yesterday.
    Oh man...if you're in the US and you PM me your address and if you're OK with getting small unlabeled Sarr divisions, I can send you some of those. And I joined last September, after growing things on and off all of last year and the year prior.
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