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    Aldrovanda tank size?

    I have found aldrovanda to be easy as, I use containers as small as 0.5L to as large as 300L ponds. I have found the most crucial factors to be PH, Light and CO2, but providing two out of three are good enough you can get away with it. Ideally I like to use a tank at least 5L, this way a simple...
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    Young nepenthes food.

    He means the soil. I often add NPK pellets to the soil of my nep seedlings, but I believe a good water flow during watering is important when fertilising carns. Otherwise I normally add pellet fish food to my traps, 1 small 1-2mm pellet is enough for a 2cm trap, anymore and it can rot.
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    Christmas cactus soil?

    I don't grow these, but the parents do and when I re-potted them for them I just used the same mix they had, 2 part premium potting mix (just standard potting mix) and 1 part sand. They have dozens of happy specimen and are pretty neglectful letting the rain water them, so these plants seem...
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    New Beginnings

    Beautiful specimen, I have tried a few times and they tend to get to about 30-35cm and survive 4-5months, then the wet season comes and they rot and die before they ever flowered to make more seed. So I am always envious of those who can do them well, does you climate agree with them (dry), or...
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    Nepenthes seed germination setup?

    The species will also help for advice (as some species prefer varied mediums, and obviously temps), but really a lack of air flow seems to be the major issue here. If you can use a small fish tank (or even a clear storage box or large plastic container) and a cpu fan you will get much better...
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    Byblis ?

    The plant is 100% an Indica complex, it is just about which.
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    Aquatic Utricularia Discussion Thread

    Ok, the following Australian species are happy as affixed aquatics and when I am at my greenhouse this weekend I will take a few pics. Uliginosa (some varieties more so than others thrive at a depth of 30-40cm and in the wild 2M is no shock), Bifida, Limosa, Dichotoma, Nivea (only to 5cm before...
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    Byblis ?

    It is definitely a Drosera indica, I would agree with finlaysoniana on the basis that it and Serpens are the most commonly grown, however serpens has a petiole (which your plant does not), so is ruled out. Though until it gets older it can be hard to correctly ID this complex as their are so...
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    Unhappy Bellii

    My bellii is in full sun though beige 50% shadecloth from 8-5year round, temps of 8-40C, constant high humidity (70%+), and always happy (about 2 years on).
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    Nepenthes Seed Sowing

    Depending on what neps the conditions vary, I am limited to lowlanders and intermediates, but I have great success with an array of soils, the biggest thing seems to be keep the media moist, bright to intense light and air flow. I now just put the seeds in trays on a bench in my greenhouse, but...
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    Your favorite food for plants

    I use betta pellets on small neps and seedling drosera, then older plants get gold fish pellets, I don't have time to catch and feed everyone so it is easy and great.
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    Sundew identification

    I put my venusta (and most south African, south American and Asiatic drosera) through temps as cold as 8-10C on winter nights to as hot as 40-42C days, but averages are winters of 10-12C nights, days of the high 20's and summer is 23-27C nights and days of 30-35C. Humidity is constantly above...
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    D. adelae recovery

    At my parents where D. adelae are native they will grow in anything, and I mean anything, but when I moved to uni I hit a problem to at first, I found the best way is to grow them in an open soil (spag/sand, peat/perlite (both 1:1 ration) or coconut chips for orchids) then a 10cm tall pot and a...
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    A Beginner's Heliamphora Thread

    You can use a cheap fogger/mister or spray by hand (a lot), you can get great little foggers off ebay for about $5-10Au, so less in US dollar, they do use a lot of power for their size but they will work in an area as large as a 3ft tank, and when coupled with a small cpu fan they have a...
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    A Beginner's Heliamphora Thread

    I have a coupe minors in the greenhouse, they like a lot of light (full sun from 9-4 through beige 50% shade cloth), high humidity (70%+ is best) and good air circulation, temp wise my plants cop as high as 40C and have no problems.