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  • Hey Andrew, just wanted to let you know the plants arrived and look great! Didn't realize when you said you had sent extras that you meant a dozen extra! Thanks a bunch! That was quite a mass of seedlings or strikes or whatever the case.
    2 to 3 days... 7days later. Silly snail mail. Living up to their name this time around.
    I'm Jeremiah AKA Falcons cps. I thank Andrew for activating me on here and the concerns about the robcantlyi is solved with 4 parts sphagnum 2 parts perlite and 2parts orchid bark and with a touch of coffee.:-D
    I think I forgot to tell you that I got the other calenders. They were all ikn good condition. Thanks!
    just being new here has its changes , one is I dont seem to have permission to put up pictures just yet , is this normal or am i missing some thing very obvious ? the small info box that appears down on the left bottom that tells me what i and able to do in the forum ,the insertion of pitchers says no ??
    how do i get that changed or is that normal procedure for new bee's
    thanks John
    Hey there again :)
    Just noticed I cant post pics...

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    Is this supposed to be like that?
    Hey Andrew
    I just realized that I still have the super Mod powers :p I do plan on being here more steadily and wouldnt mind helpin out but will also understand if you strip me of my Modness. Hope the family is well and its good to see the site doin so well... lots of changes looks great!
    Hi Andrew,

    Just curious how the auction did money-wise. Looks like it was pretty successful from what I could see. Thanks for supporting and sponsoring this every year. I know it's a lot of work.

    Thanks again.

    Hi Andrew,
    I just noticed all my photo's in the TF Gallery are listed as "guest" and I'd like to correct that. Is there some way I can do that?
    Forgot to say "Thank You" In my latest PM so decided to put it here rather than swarm your PM box.
    Hi Andy,

    Would you happen to have a few D. schizzys that you'd like to sell?
    I'd like to try my hand once again at growing this magnificent plant...
    Happy Growing!

    Brian Barnes (Drosera5150)
    Just a review for anyone who sees your profile - I ordered a N. ventrata from Andy on a Thursday. It arrived the next Monday in perfect condition. I was quite satisfied with the quality of the plant and the speed with which it got to me! I'm definitely going to buy from flytrapshop.com in the future :) thanks Andy!
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