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    Happy Birthday to Adnedarn's BRO!

    Thanks... and yes I need parts for my truck(s) and the camaro always needs stuff.... but thank you for making a gearhead feel so comfortable in an environment not familar to me... Adnedarnsbro-aka Ron
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    What did happen??

    Or putting a CHEVY in a FORD.... although that would increase its value, dependablity, speed.... see bro every once in awhile I can chime in..... although in never seems to be about plants ???
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    Well I think i still do have pictures of the Z somewhere. I will find them and we can post them up. That was a nice car, and fast, but I will take my old musclecars any day!!!!
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    I told you I look at the forum, just usually I dont know alot about what is being discussed, so I cant really chime in. But you know if has to do with motors and such....:banana2: Anyhow we are supposed to go and sign the papers on that house tomorrow, FINALLY. So I am sure I will be in...
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    Ah finally something I can relate to. :-D There are several good points in this topic so far, but as someone as already said, an engine is nothing more than a big air pump. Blowers, superchargers, turbos, all do nothing more than increase air volume by different means. The more air you can...
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    New to Growing

    Sorry man.... life gets busy. Andrew told me that he had received the seeds. Thanks. Now i have to get him to grow them and leave them in his green house for awhile until i they are big enough to plant.... But thanks again and hopefully with the holidays over I can start to contribute a little...
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    New NEWS for the New Year!

    From the guy who knows him best...... be careful your gonna give him a bighead....... Actually I think Andy will do a great job, as he is very into this (I guess more than I actually knew of) and was very excited about the opportunity to buy the forums.... I on the other hand dont know squat...
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    UCLA Taser

    OK.... Let me tell all of you... the taser is a great TOOL... they not only subdue the suspect, it allows this action to be done without an officer obtaining an injury by going "hands on". If you dont believe me look at taser.com which is the web site for the tasers that law enforcement use and...
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    New to Growing

    I am interested in starting to grow some different types of hibiscus plants. I am new to this type of hobby and am looking for advice. I have purchased three differnt types from the local nurserys but am looking for the more exotic. I have access to a very nice green house where I plan on...