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    Hey from Vegas!

    Welcome to TF !!
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    Dionaea muscipula seeds givaway

    I received my seeds today. Thank you for offering these. Very generous of you.
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    Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

    Farmertom. there is a thread in this section of the forum called DIY COB LED info. This thread is one of the best I have run across here concerning LEDs. It has loads of info about what PLANTS want as far as light goes. Its all about par. I used to supplement t5s with an aquarium led light like...
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    Lecanopteris mirabilis as a houseplant

    Amazing looking plant. Lost the one in the auction but that is high on my want list now. Nice growing.
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    Dionaea muscipula seeds givaway

    1. Abeginner 2. dr_donut Thanks! 3. Shadowtski, Thank you! 4. PlantsnFish-Thanks! 5. Swagalotus- Cut my vft flowers this year so this will be great. Many thanks! 6. Yuusui 7. aerogrower-very generous of you thanks.
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    *PAID* 5 Starter Iris Giganticaerulea (Giant Blue Iris) (aerogrower $10)

    Plants and a few extras received in perfect condition today! Thank for donating these.
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    *PAID* Agave "Victoria Reginae" Approx 3" (hereorthere $6)

    Im waiting in the wings to cover it if it comes to that lol.
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    *PAID* Miniature Orchid Book 1 (aerogrower $8)

    Item received in fine condition. Thanks for donating this.
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    *PAID* Miniature Orchid Book 2 (aerogrower $8)

    Yup it's true. Got it last night but couldn't post until this morning. Thanks for offering this for the auction.