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    looking for orchid

    I'm looking for an Orchid plant Lycaste aromatica If anyone had a spare plant or can divideone Please let me know and I sure we can work out something. Arie
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    Nepentes seeds to offer

    I just harvested fresh Nepenthes seeds this week those seeds are from N.'ventrara' (female) the male might be 'gentle' or 'mixta' (sorry I can't say for sure who is the father As at the last time I had offer Nep. seeds and I took on myself the cost of shipment (which was over 100 Euro) I need...
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    nepenthes seeds to share

    Joe - the Griffin I PM you Please send your address for sending the seeds to you and Crissytal (i would be happy to get the Drosera seeds she offer) Arie
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    nepenthes seeds to share

    Dear CP's There is one thing I must say I have offer free seeds and shipment on me I didn't ask anything just if someone is willing to send me some seeds in return , I think it could be nice to share between members. I was astounded to get PM (more then one) that say they have some seeds to...
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    nepenthes seeds to share

    I had make the cross and got now seeds of Nepenthes ventricosa “Hot Lips” X N.ventricosa (yellow) . Those seeds are free and are fresh. You don't have to offer anything in return but if any have and willing to share with me seeds or plants of uncommon Drosera's in return I would be thankful...
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    What's wrong with my N.lowii x truncata

    looks to me like it rotting point Arie
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    that what I got my second granson Arie
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    upgrade in big lowland terrarium

    Hope you like it Arie
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    My new Highland GH is finised

    metal structure walles and roof cover with polycarbonate http://www.palram.com/HTMLs/product.aspx?C1010=12685&BSP=12650 Arie
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    My new Highland GH is finised

    After the cold chamber was too small I have finised now to build a new GH for all highlands (3X2.5X2.5 Meter) Arie
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    EEE Bonn 23-24 Sept 06 - Let's Meet us there!

    I will be there too as we meet in Prague I sure we know one another Arie
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    Nepenthes for trade

    I can offer those Nepenthes all are rooted cuttings all in 3 sizes (small,med and big). If interested plz PM with what you have in exchange plus size N.globosa (known as N.viking) and N. 'king tiger" Arie
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    "King Tiger"

    here is the one I had marked as "King tiger" seems like a beuty grow fast and nicely pitcher after pitcher Arie
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    Looking for N.lowii

    PM sent to you Arie