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  • Your inbox is full, lol thanks again I just read the sticky! & it was of great help. I'm a start working on a set up and buy a tequila! good thing I can get the APS easily here. exciting!!!!

    thanks again Butch*


    Thank you so much butch for taking the time to write me and share those photos that's ver helpful.

    I'll let you know how it goes and show you some pics

    Thanks again

    Drew McClain
    Hey there, just want to say thanks for your advice on my Heli's sudden death brownness a while back, it has finally started to grow again!
    Hi, i read your chat, i'm sorry but i did not notice anything specific about any Heli at the icps conference, there was just too much going on.
    I did make a bigger crop of the pic allrdy posted.
    i do get ahead of myself sometime , and air movement in my terrarium and my H. Minor does great
    great pics any idea how i can learn that trick one heliamohora two adding pics to my posts is there a simple instruction section on here can you direct me if youve got the time ill watch for a while this evening thanks and again just purchased Heliamphora Tequlia is 75 to 80 day and 65 70 night going to work have plenty humidity and air movement and my H. Minor does great in the terrarium

    Stunning pictures on your website. Love em. Awesome camera you have there......and plants!
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