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    Flytrap thefts could become felony under N.C. bill

    Finally! Hopefully, if passed, it will discourage poaching even more... I love to see stuff like this happening! Personally, I'd be fine with introducing standard SEED-GROWN plants derived from a diverse genetic line, so that you'd help increase diversity, but not flood it with clones or...
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    Hello there! Could you clear some of your PM's so I can PM you the tracking number for our trade?

    Hello there! Could you clear some of your PM's so I can PM you the tracking number for our trade?
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    How did you get into CP's?

    They are pretty cool looking. I'd probably keep them if I had enough space to. They are really beautiful insects.
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    How did you get into CP's?

    I just wanted to ask how did you guys get into CP's? For me, I came across a picture of some Nepenthes raffelsiana while researching for a project 5 years ago. I then HAD to try to grow some... So, I read up some on CP's, and decided to grow some. After getting a Drosera spatulata, Nepenthes...
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    Anyone for animals from temporary vernal pools?

    I'm gonna do another hatch. I just need to get some more yeast to feed the nauplii...
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    Dream Hybrids

    For me it would probably be (macrophylla x bellii) x (villosa x bellii) to try to produce a smaller, toothy plant that would tolerate intermediate conditions...
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    Cephalotus Divisions!

    They only look a little beat up as of today. I think the key to this was doing the entire process in less than 5 minutes, and being gentle. All the pots were partially filled before taking the divisions and I put them in plastic bags as soon as each one was potted. The humidity in the bags has...
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    N. attenboroughii seed

    Pm'ed about trade.
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    N. pulchra seed

    1. Cthulhu138 - Thanks 2. Mato - Huge giveaway, Dex! 3. Heli- Thanks man! 4. charlie-thanks for the give away 5. Incognito - Thanks! 6. Ambanja - Thanks!! one of my very favorite plants 7. Huntsmanshorn - Muchas gracias mi amigo 8. Pebes- Thanks! 9. East_to_west - Cheers! 10. catrus TY! 11...
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    Cephalotus Divisions!

    I don't know what I will do with all of them. I'll probably try to use some for trades eventually, and I'm also going to try to promote flowering by giving them a seasonal photoperiod. I'd like to be able to do a seed or cutting giveaway of these eventually.
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    My very first Nepenthes sprouts?

    Congrats! Hope to see some pictures when they get bigger...
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    Cephalotus Divisions!

    I did put all the pitchers that fell off in the pots of my Nepenthes ventricosa. I think they should like the moist LFS.
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    Hcarlton's hybrids

    Wow! This makes me want to try hybridizing sundews.. The tokaiensis X 'Tamiln' looks like an excellent cross. My only question is how do you manage to catch the flowers open Whenever I have sundews bloom, I never get to see them open, only closed...
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    Cephalotus Divisions!

    So around 3 years ago, I got a little Cephalotus for my birthday. It was around 2" in diameter, and only had little tiny baby pitchers. I kept it under a constant 16ON/8OFF lighting cycle, 4" under a single T8 bulb, at 60-80% humidity and temperatures between 68 and 72, with no change in...
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    The Dew Line

    OK, I've got the pics on photobucket. Here they are: Drosera peltata: You need to tilt your head a bit for this one. Drosera capensis: Focus on the bottom part of thie image first. The alignment was not very good, and the leaf bends toward you. If you get yourself oriented on the bottom...