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    Cyclosecta and Rotundiflora Help

    For cyclosecta at least, which I have more experience with, clay media should not at all be necessary, Mine do great even in an acidic media. In the first photo, the cyclosecta does not actually look very good to me, looks like it was suffering from low light. However, in the second photo, it...
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    I'm gonna be bringing some of the plants I've neglected for too long. They need some loving homes. Of course, I will also bring some cool pings to show off.
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Whoops, change in my friend's plans. Looks like I can join everyone for about twenty to thirty mins at the regular time. If there is any interest still, I may show up at the coffee shop at 2:45
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Hey all, a friend's birthday is this Saturday, so I won't be able to make it to the meet as the timing conflicts. However, since I'm in the neighborhood, I'll probably hang out at the Rust Coffee Lounge (the coffee located right by the library) from 2-3 if anyone who is in the area would be...
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    A Drosera - Byblis Predicament.

    100% certain those are Drosera
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    Signs of light deficiency

    Not growing pitchers, or thin leaves, instead of stout ones. Hard to not give ventrata not enough light though, it is a tolerant one.
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    Rainbows in the Midwest

    Man I was so invested in Byblis last August, but now I've grown to see mine as a burden :-( Maybe if I can get some outdoors during the summer, I'll change my mind.
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    A new place for meeting photos!

    No Neps at this meet, mostly sticky plants, which is always up my alley hehehe :-D That capensis and spatulata cross, brought by Mark Mark's D. cuenifolia My P. primuliflora 'Rose' Enormous D. adelae 'Giant' Scatter's Pings, and the pot of P. lusitanica that weren't doing great for me...
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    help butterwort pest ?

    Mexican butterworts are not a fan of too much peat. I even recently had to repot my P. gigantea because even poorly washed inorganic media got too slimy with algae and was rotting some roots. I'd keep it in a heavy aggregate mix: 1:1 ratios of pumice/perlite, sand, lava rock, and vermiculite...
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    Mystery Weed

    At this point, the root system is probably too entangled in the livida to separate. I'd just grab some livida and start a clean pot of it.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The Mars Volta!
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    Drosera menziesii flower

    Yours has much wider petals than mine, love the look. Too bad mine flowered a while ago, we may have been able to cross them!
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    Dark Pitcher Appreciation Thread

    Can hybrids be included? N. spathulata x singalana N. ramispina
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    Unknown ping from nursery in Denver, CO

    Oops! Got it, although, one may argue that such adventitious plantlets prove to be advantageous to the survival of the plants in their population. :p
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    Unknown ping from nursery in Denver, CO

    That is true, how could I forget about that one! Apparently, heterophylla occasionally does this too, but I've only seen a few pics of wild ones doing so. I am surprised that one does not see medusina around much in cultivation for this reason.