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    Gardening Vlog

    "Old?" OLD?!
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    Pics post!

    You're just not doing enough. Surely, you can rescue a couple of Home Despot Nepenthes mutts, a capensis or two, to round out that paltry collection. Looks too, like a varmint has invaded your house . . .
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    Gardening Vlog

    Wow, what a nice refuge you have from DC "da capitol" and the scourge of the covidiots. I really think that you need a gun-rack for your Mini and that dingo mix from The Road Warrior . . .
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    Growing Red Hairy Hamata?

    Mine are grown, either, on a south-facing windowsill or outside; receive bright to diffused light; very high humidity; and cool to cold nights. The species, in my opinion, is about as particular and almost as slow-growing as N. villosa; grows along with them, as a matter of fact -- and are...
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    Moving day

    Wow, it's amazing how well your scale model of Southeast Asia, managed the trip East. Virginia has no idea what has just arrived within its borders . . .
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    After 10 years, I've finally met...

    My continuing adivice, in dealing with Zuzana, is to show no fear. She can sense it . . .
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    My pics

    I knew it! I knew it!
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    My pics

    Butch, I had long thought that you had crossed some union big wigs, and had been added to a turnpike near Hoboken . . . Wow, pulling the plug on everything? Don't say it's true . . .
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    Are these Chanterelles?

    I recall what my grandmother once said, "All mushrooms are edible; but there are those that you eat only once . . ."
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    NASC cobras fieldtrip!

    Once again, such paltry documentation. Couldn't you just take couple of snapshots -- would it be too much trouble?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    "Sweet Jane," by the Velvet Underground, written by the late great Lou Reed; still their best version . . . https://youtu.be/wFnOGrWOFB0
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    Haven't posted pics in a while...

    Wow, Spring has sprung. Everything looks great . . .
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    Nice smile . . .

    When I left, early this morning, this newly formed pitcher was tight as a drum. Now, it looks positively hungry . . . Nepenthes edwardsiana 14 March
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