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    PAID (philiptdotcom $12) Halloween Hissing Roaches

    Up for auction is a small starter colony of Halloween Hissers. The colony will consist of 12x Mixed size juveniles(no full grown adults, but a few will be close) Pic is of an adult Male. You will receive younger/smaller Hissers. This ensures your Hissers will not be old worn out adults. USA...
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    PAID (gnathaniel $12) Utricularia Dichotoma 1.5 inch Starter Plug

    Up for auction is a 1.5 inch starter plug of Gorgeous Utricularia Dichotoma. Amazing purple flowers. Super easy to cultivate. Pic is of this clones flowers. From my mother pots last fall. USA only. Winner pays USPS Priority Mail Postage of $8-$9 depending on how far away from me you...
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    PAID (Tanukimo $15) Utricularia Geminiloba Small Starter Plug

    For auction is the exact small starter plug of Utricularia Geminiloba pictured here. In a 2.5x1.5 inch pot. This is an Orchidioides Section Utricularia with Gorgeous Purple Flowers. It requires Highland Conditions to thrive. I grow mine in a NE facing window with no supplemental light. I use...
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    PAID (Acro $25) Werneri Isopods 10x Mixed Size Juveniles

    Up for auction is a nice starter colony of 10x Mixed Size Juvenile Armadillidium Werneri. Easy to care for. Fun to cultivate! USA only. Buyer pays Priority Mail Postage of $8-$9 depending on your distance from me(Southeast North Carolina). Starting bid is $5 Happy Growing! In solidarity...