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  • Your giant broad leaf is quite magnificient, I also noticed it's freakishly large flower stalk. I didn't know they could get that big (flowers of Drosera lol)

    Will you have seeds,(of course you will have you seen that flower) and if so do they retain the broad leaf. I would love to get my hands on some. Thanks :)
    Just checking up on the last package to be accounted for...did it arrive safely?
    while in the Gh yesterday, I noticed your name on a U. Uniflora...I forgot to send that one to you. Let me know if you would still like a plug of it. I just started some root cuttings of U. Tricolor, they should be ready in a week or two, just waiting for signs of new growth.
    Hope you like the rain and wind!
    Hmm... it may have been because of a red algae thing killer we did, lost an acro to that...
    Other than that, it's all I can think. The light was on a timer and when we got home it was turned off.
    The light, not the timer.
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