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    Pic of the Day

    Decided to give it a shot with a Drosera Capensis Seedling! (I think) More coming soon!
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    Minibog for Cold Climate

    Only one recommendation - I don't know who has had success with them, but none of my seeds from rarexoticseeds germinated (D. Anglica and P. Vulgaris) even though I followed the stratiication process and all. Sounds like a good idea!
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    Scorpioides Help!

    A month or so ago, about half of the 10 Drosera Scorpioides plants in my pot started dying although the other 5 looked totally healthy. Then, just recently, the last few started dying back. Is there any particular cause of death that anyone can find? All of my other pygmies are doing great and...
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    The Dew Line

    Drosera Intermedia "Cuba" is putting out some really nice leaves! And the Adelae Clump :) Drosera Roseana
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    Lowland Paludarium?

    I think Ampullaria would do amazing. I have one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHVpPKkZLs8&feature=plcp The water level is only an inch or two from the surface of the tank. Maybe N. Ampullaria "Lime Twist" would look cool
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    Proud owner, with questions..

    Hey Mass, as far as Drosera go, I am thinking Anglica, Linearis, maybe Capillaris? Maybe some Pinguicula Vulgaris, might not be hardy enough, though... Maybe I am wrong, but if you put a ton of Live LFS in there next year, it might act as a kind of mulcher for all your plants.... Looking...
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    Pinguicula Sethos Macros!

    Here are some macros of my Pinguicula Sethos that I got from Rocketcaver in a giveaway! Enjoy! Will
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    Macro Pictures!

    Took the Nikkor 40mm F2.8 for another 'Dew run! Here are the outcomes, some have color editing, just enhancing whites, blacks, and for one bright D. Intermedia, some color boost :D Drosera Spatulata: Drosera Spatulata x Capensis: Drosera Adelae: Drosera Roseana...
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    Drosera Anglica

    Me too, I have been looking for a while, I ordered from a seed store in Montreal, Canada, but the seeds didn't germinate.
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    d. capensis giant

    I have one that's flowering too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy52C7S7YwY&feature=plcp
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    Letter to someone who collected plants from the wild, is this to harsh?

    Great! Definitely not too scary, but totally shows him whats wrong about taking the plants, and sharing them with the community in the future will be a way to not feel to guilty. Thanks for telling him, I think we all need to team up whenever something like this happens. Will
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    Cool Plants in Croatan National Forest!

    Wow, the "Dunce Hat" is a perfect name for such an amazing pitcher! I really love the deep red line that is quite thick running through the middle of the lid on that one.
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    N. lowii x truncata! Finally!

    I love how nice the leaves look, they are so waxy and green!
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    Sifton Bog in London, Ontario

    Drosera Intermedia: Drosera Rotundifolia:
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    Sifton Bog in London, Ontario

    In the videos or the pictures? The pictures are completely mixed, the more round leaves are rotundifolia, the others are intermedia. People did say they saw some D. Intermedia x Rotundifolia hybrids here, but I don't think I caught any....