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  1. Camden M

    For Trade Nepenthes Macrophylla

    So , I have Chaniana x Boschiana, ‘Song of Melancholy’ x Platychila, & Adrianii x Sumantrana, Maxima x (Eymae x Veitchii) cutting I’d be happy to offer up in one big bundle. ( they’re In order from first-last).
  2. Camden M

    Cuttings help

    Oh and the fuzzy stuff is just dust so no worries there.
  3. Camden M

    Cuttings help

    Hey, so I just took cuttings off of one of my plants and I’m starting to get concerned. So it has this old growth node that activated a while ago but it’s never really grown and the tip (where I took the cutting) as you can see is starting your blacken. Should I worry. I took the cuttings maybe...
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  5. Camden M

    Plant of the Month April 2023

    Clematis ‘Dr. Rupple’
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  8. Camden M

    Are you growing Nepenthes ‘Plumpkin’ ?

    Red leaf like just dropped some a couple of days ago :/
  9. Camden M

    For Trade Nepenthes Titan's Mirror

    It seems to be a very easy cross that can accept a wide range of conditions. Doesn’t seem to want to pitcher unless it has 60% RH. I would recommend trying it in intermediate first then go from there.
  10. Camden M

    For Trade Nepenthes Titan's Mirror

    I have this Petiolata x Flava. I don’t know if you’d be interested.
  11. Camden M

    Recommendations for an easy, large pitchered Nepenthes for a friend with a greenhouse?

    Carnivero actually has a Truncata Passion Red for sale under $40. Predatory plants has the cheapest truncata’s out there (don’t mean that in a bad way, great store). I have Robcantleyi for sale right now actually! Here is the thread link: For Sale - Robcantleyi for sale!
  12. Camden M

    For Sale Robcantleyi for sale!

    Plant for sale is the one pictured below. $80 shipping included(USPS). I accept PayPal Friends and Family only. Any questions? Feel free to pm me ***It’s NOT from florae. Just a tag I had available. Its originally from CalCarn TC lab.***
  13. Camden M

    Took some nice pics of my nepenthes Garden

    Platychila x (Spec x Talan x Truncata) might be really intriguing considering how well (Spec x Truncata) x Platychila turned out.