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    Orchid smuggler escapes u.s.

    I posted this usenet post from firstrays orchids in the hope others would look at their stand in favor of an importer of endangered CITES protected Phragmipediums which were wild collected. Firstrays has been supportive of them, claiming their innocence would be proven, from the start, and is...
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    Presidental candidates

    Alright, I apologize for the millions of civilians killed comment, that is apparently untrue. But that doesn't make the war any more just.
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    Presidental candidates

    Rattler, Bush has cut military benefits. He has cut combat pay, and he has cut benefits to families of disabled veterans. As for going if there is a draft, I would rather die than fight for a cause I feel is not just. And I feel that way about the war in Iraq. Deposing Saddam was a good thing...
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    Presidental candidates

    I am voting for Kerry. I've always been a Democrat, though, to be honest, I dislike Kerry more than any Democratic nominee I remember. He's got a great environmental record. And Edwards was a good choice for a running mate. However, I have seen conflicting messages from Kerry on health care, and...
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    3 new mislabeled orchids.

    Those are some kind of Papiopedilum or Phragmipedium (two different, but related, genus). The first one is a novelty vinicolor (one color) hybrid of some sort, probably has some P. callosum in the ancestry (most of the hybrids do). Really easy to grow, if kept in shade, and somewhat damp (they...
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    Favorite plant place

    Oak Hills orchids is by far the nicest I've visited in person. Six greenhouses, filled with orchids (many not even listed on their website). The Paph and Phrag sections are amazing. Rock Cut park has some nice backtrails with massive amounts of Arisaema, wild columbines, Trilliums, and...
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    Looking for a few orchids

    I don't grow any of those, but have seen them at Oak Hill (www.oakhillgardens.com). They seem reasonably healthy (I was there yesterday... didn't look at the vanilla, but saw a few leafless orchids, Polyradicon and probably Cholochista of some sort).
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    So how did every spend the 4th?

    I spent the 4th with my girlfriend, reading up on recently purchased orchids, walking the dog (and seeing an indigo bunting!) and eventually going to see farenheit 9/11. Has anyone else here seen that movie? It's kind of scary, especially the part about Saudi influence over president Bush. It...
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    Should marijuana be legalized/decriminalized

    I'm in favor of decriminalizing it. It'd certainly free up money to fight against drugs that are more dangerous. As well as put some drug dealers out of business. I don't use it, and I don't think I'd be happy if any of my close friends or relatives did... but I don't see any reason it shouldn't...
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    Can anyone recomend an orchid book or 2?

    They're a good bunch in the orchid forum there. Some really nice people. Also a few that wild collect. Watch anyone trading native orchids or sundews carefully before trading with them, please.
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    Passion Flower?

    www.kartuz.com has quite a few passifloras, and tells which species need to be crosspolinated with another clone to produce fruit. I would imagine SnowyFalcon must have one of the ones needing crosspollination.
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    Who was your best teacher?

    I had a biology teacher in high school that was very interesting. Oddly enough, I found out after high school that he takes a couple trips a year to a local CP bog:) I also had some really good teachers for various psychology classes in college.
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    Who was your meanest ever teacher

    I had three worth nominating for this... seventh grade music class. I knew her from outside of school, she was a nut who chased people, including my grandmother, off the sidewalk in front of her house with a broom. She wasn't as bad at school, but constantly sent people to in school suspension...
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    Green catepillars falling from the sky

    They could be the newly hatched caterpillars of silkworm moths (luna, polyphemus, or cecropia are all common in the U.S. and Canada). This would be the time of year the eggs are laid, and the caterpillars congregate while small, then wander away as they get larger. If they are, don't put them...
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    Alternative to bush and kerry!

    I disagree. Look at the privatization of electricity in California. Prices went up, and suddenly, because of not making improvements with the extra money, they weren't able to make enough electricity to meet the demand. Privatization works in theory. But that doesn't always translate into the...