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  • Can you please give me the latin name one more time? Apparently I can't fnid it in the PM.
    I may repot it again when I get back from Vacation. Not pleased with the way I potted it.
    Oh yeah, Ernie said hes goin on vacation in 10 days so send the check... and I can't post pics of Minor till tomorrow... so...
    there is a hugh varity in phals, seven seperate families i think, and they vary..for the most part i would put them as intermediate to lowland
    Judy, would Phals be considered(in terms of Nepenthes, temp. wise) Lowland, Highland, or Intermediate?
    Hey there
    Tis flytraplady5
    May I please have your address, I will send a SASE asap
    Thanx for offering something different
    I received the orchid yesterday in good order. It is a beautiful little specimen. Thank you for such a great trade.
    It is basically the same Genus, but the different species can be difficult. BW has a taproot.
    What area do you live? Would probably do better in some climates than others.
    Very nice picture. I have lots of Milkweed/Butterfly weed here for the Monarchs.
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