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    (PAID) (Chibae $15) Fire-Star Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)

    Plant has arrived, appears healthy and happy Thank you
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    (PAID) (Chibae $5) Compot of Agave victoria-reginae 'Mini'

    They are here. Happy and healthy
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    (PAID) (Chibae $32) Nepenthes maxima 'mini'

    Plant is here. Happy and healthy
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    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Solidago uliginosa

    Seedlings arrived happy and healthy. Thank you
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    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Japanese Painted Fern starter plant

    Plant arrived today healthy and happy
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    (PAID) (Chibae $12) Solidago uliginosa

    I am still waiting on a response for shipping payment address.