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  1. chloroplast

    NECPS Show 09' Slide

    Hi Greg, Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Ken
  2. chloroplast

    My NECPS show pics (20 of 'em)

    Nice pics. Glad you liked the show.
  3. chloroplast

    NECPS Cookout with Stewart McPherson & Jeremiah Harris

    Hi all, The NECPS event with Stewart & Jeremiah Harris was a smash! The weather cooperated nicely and we visted two local CP bogs. Attendance was high, with over 60 members participating. Stewart signed and sold plenty of books and gave a remarkable presentation on newly described Nepenthes...
  4. chloroplast

    Coffee WORKS as a fertilizer.

    DavyJones, I've heard anecdotal reports of this. You may want to try watering only half of your plants with coffee, and the other half treat as you normally would. This would better enable you to determine whether it's the coffee, something else, or chance that produces whatever effects you...
  5. chloroplast

    PPQ 587 Permit

    I have two permits: an APHIS small lot of seed permit, and plant import permit (non-CITES). I know that for the latter, if you apply online you must prove your identity in person at a local station. I found it easier and faster to print the application and mail it in. Ken
  6. chloroplast

    Up close and personal with drosera dew

    Larry, Remarkable pictures! Ken
  7. chloroplast

    NECPS hosting Stewart McPherson !

    Matt, I'm not sure what bog we'll be visiting, that's up to Mike & Richard to decide. They'll probably pay a visit to a few bogs and decide which is most accessible. We have had a very cloudy and rainy summer here in New England and several of the bogs I've been to have been flooded. Larry, I...
  8. chloroplast

    NECPS hosting Stewart McPherson !

    It's my pleasure to announce that the NECPS will be hosting STEWART MCPHERSON as a guest speaker at our annual cookout! Stewart McPherson is a world-renowned geographer, explorer, conservationist, and authority on carnivorous plants who has studied at the University of Durham in England, the...
  9. chloroplast

    is my repotted ceph okay?

    So long as you didn't manhandle it when repotting, it should be fine. Cephalotus often "sulk" for a while after being repotted and much topgrowth can die. This can be minimized by avoiding root damage during the process. Ken
  10. chloroplast

    Live Sphagnum moss or Not for Ceph's

    I grow mine in 1:1 peat:coarse silica sand. I allow moss (Sphagnum sp. and others) to grow on the surface as it helps prevent algae and slime from establishing themselves. Just be careful not to let it overwhelm the Cephalotus. Ken
  11. chloroplast

    sarr stratification and mold

    Spray with tebuconazole which can be bought at the Home Depot or Lowe's. In the future, you can avoid moldy seed by lightly spraying them with a fungicide before stratifying them.
  12. chloroplast

    My seeds, a few questions.

    Ant, You got those seeds from me at the NECPS Show. They're from a friend's parents' property and produce VERY dark-maroon pitchers in the late summer/fall and also have a wide ala. They're very nice plants. You need to cold stratify them for 6-8 weeks. Refer to prior threads on how to do...
  13. chloroplast

    Can you JAM JAR cephalotus follicularis ;-)

    You can grow any plant in any conditions you wish. The crux is: what conditions are best? I can think of many ways I'd rather grow a Ceph than "jam jarring" it. I'm sure it's possible and that others have tried it with some success but if you're a beginner, why set yourself up for failure...
  14. chloroplast

    NECPS Meeting--Saturday, November 8

    Hello all, The next NECPS meeting will be held on Saturday, November 8 at 12:30pm at the RWP Botanical Center, Providence, RI. There will be plants on display and a silent auction. The meeting program is: "Bog Cleaning." The bog has paid off in spades--the staff love it, visitors are amazed...
  15. chloroplast

    Ceph Help For NeciFix Needed!!!!

    It's hard to say what's going on without a picture. It's unlikely to be dormancy unless the plant is experiencing cold conditions which you never mentioned and they typically don't lose their leaves as you describe it when entering dormancy. Check for the usual pests: mealybug, scale, and...