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    Looking for Sylidium seeds

    Hi, currently I have tropical Byblis seeds with location data and will soon have assorted Nepenthes hybrid seeds (e.g. whatever x ampullaria Black Miracle) in the following months. Any fresh Stylidium seeds is most appreciated. Please drop me a PM. TIA!
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    Spectra for CPs

    The bulbs are 7W each. 6B1R, 5R2B and 6B1R.
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    B. aquatica

    This year, perhaps and just perhaps I may have broken the Da Vinci code of growing B. aquatica to adulthood... :-)) There are now 9 plants growing at my balcony! Well, I didn't sit down, mull over it and think very hard. I just forgot about them after they germinated in a covered box...
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    Spectra for CPs

    There are many articles on how blue or red light affects the growth of the plants and I am a total noob. The decision to try this is entirely due to the fun factor, and also because the high red, low blue ratio has given me some success with Nepenthes (see the N. kampotiana below grown only...
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    Need help with ampullaria variety

    Hi, If you are able to identify the source of your plant, it would be helpful. The ampullaria cultivar registered with ICPS, with red pitchers, is the Nepenthes 'Cantley's Red' - from the very limited database in my brain. :blush:
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    Order these 3 plants according to heat tolerance

    Spintix357, here is my ranking based on year round 75-100F temperatures in my ultra lowland conditions. Cephalotus - grows at my balcony year round but dies back during the hottest season D. regia/Cobra Lily - cannot be grown outdoors without night temperature drops Just to highlight that my...
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    Sunlight / Artificial Light questions ¡!

    Gabcat, sunlight is FREE which makes it better. LOL Seriously, plants are made to grow in the sun so they will love the sun. But if there ain't enough lighting inside the house, then artificial light is required. I live in an apartment and the sun's direction change so VFTs hate that. Over the...
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    Spectra for CPs

    Hi Butch, the panel and tank LEDs are from different companies. The wattage of the panel one is more higher though...I have to be about 2-3 the distance away from the panel in order to get the spectrum without overexposure.
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    Hello from Singapore!!

    Hi Daryl, welcome to TF! And rest assured that I am also recovering from the mass orders. LOL
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    Spectra for CPs

    Here are my latest sets after Butch helped me with the calibration of the T5 HO and CFL. Set 1 SpectralWorkbench - Set 3044 The white LEDs (Panel and Tank HL) are currently used for Nepenthes, VFT, Drosera, Heliamphora, Cephalotus, Byblis and Utrics. So far, all the plants are doing well with...
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    Spectra for CPs

    Hi everyone, Thanks to Butch, I'll probably be blind with neck and spine problems by 2016. :jester: It is his fault he introduced this link to me...but then again I guess I cannot really blame him for getting hooked and be willing to struggle with the DIY spectrometer that may not work best...
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    Pros and cons of using transparent pots?

    If the height and size of the transparent pot is what you desire for the plant, then just use some aluminium foil to wrap round the pot to cut out the light. I use those with Disney prints for my transparent container for bog CPs...works as decoration as well!
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    Specimen Terrarium

    I just received my first mature glabrata plant from Wistuba and it is puny and miniscule compared to the adnata. It is placed in my 2ft highland tank with another 10 pots of Nepenthes. Either I am getting the lower end of the deal or you've seen a monster. LOL
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    Specimen Terrarium

    I recommend N. adnata and N. glabrata as small species for your terrarium but am not sure if they are readily available at your end. N. ampullaria can be kept compact by trimming back. N. hamata is rather slow as a juvenile so that is another one you could consider. Otherwise, hybrids like...
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    Sphagnum Wont Colonize

    Sphagnum moss does well with high humidity and moist media. I keep them either in bog conditions or completely enclosed in a terrarium. Very clean water and nothing less. Cheers!