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  • :hail:

    Here to learn ask questions and eventually get a Nepenthes Red Hairy Hamata.

    Thank you all for visiting my page.

    Haha, no need to aspire! I've only been collecting for a little over 6 months so far.. I plan on having a huge greenhouse sometime in the not so distant future when I settle down a bit more. I have a hamata but besides that most of my plants are "the lower end nepenthes", although I love them just as much. I would love to have a villosa or macro or one of the other, more toothy candidates!
    I love Heliamphora and Nepenthes Carnivorous plants. I appreciate this forum to answer any questions I may have with the Rare CPs I have collected. I am also endeavoring to attain a N. Red hairy Hamata Like a lot of others.

    Thank you for your help and support

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