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    I'm back!

    lol, thanks! :)
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    I'm back!

    Hello everyone! Sorry i was away for so long, there was a lot going on with school and other stuff. hopefully i won't be away for so long again!
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    My Sarras won't pitcher

    huh, i didn't know that either... lol, thanks! :)
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    My Sarras won't pitcher

    check them for root rot
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    Protopitcher Guessing Game

    what is #5...it looks pretty sweet...i may have to get one :)
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    Sunny day Nepenthes

    nice aristo! love the pics :)
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    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    good idea pyro... if no one beats me too it, i'll do it when i get back from my intership at noon-ish
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    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    LMAO!!! agreed! i never get plants offered to me...at all...but if for some reason i do, you will be the first to know Tony :)
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    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    still nothing on amazon or ebay that i can find... did you question the people that have visited your greenhouse ??? Don't worry too much, with this much support, i'm sure that the plants (in whatever condition) and the person who took them will be found and punished accordingly.
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    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    i'll check around ebay and amazon... anything to help someone in need... some people are just disgusting...how could someone limbo so low! :evil:
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    i hope i got them seeds :)
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    CP Noob with some questions :)

    welcome to TF :) these guys pretty much have it covered... I will add that if it begins to flower this year, it would be best to cut it off so it can conserve some energy into adjusting to full sun. Let is flower next year :)