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    Byblis Aquatica germination??

    Same answer than plant heaten :) I had to soak my first batch of b. aquatica in ga3 , now they sprout naturally in sphagnum moss when the seeds fall down to the motherplants
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    Byblis Aquatica germination??

    Byblis annual species will sprout without any treatment if you seeds are fresh ;)
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    Drosera neocaledonica 'Col de Plum, New Caledonia'

    Thank's :) Hot ,humid and bright conditions , that's all !
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    Going all-out to germinate some Drosophyllum

    The secret to keep young drosophyllum alive is the lighting. Provinding artificial lighting in automn and winter ll keep them alive to the next season ;)
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    Flowering Ping

    Great shoots ! I think your P. 'Aphrodite' is misslabeled
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    Cotton media experiment

    Maybe you can try asap to grow mature plants in this cotton subtratum ;)
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    Drosera spiralis 'Itacambria'

    Hello ! This is my one year old D.spiralis, a pretty fast grower in a sphagnum mix :
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    Hello from France !

    thank you all :)
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    Hello from France !

    Hi everybody ! i'm a french grower of CP and i specially like sundews. Here some photos : drosera graomogolensis drosera kaieteurensis drosera felix i'm looking for Ivan Snyder breedings,if someone got some seeds :banana2: I hope you enjoyed !