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  • What's up man? Hope things are going well for you out in the world! If you make it back to TF again shoot me a PM. :)
    Just wanted to thank you again Aaron for such generosity! The plants I recieved from you are mostly doing great. I had some troubles w/a soil amendment initially but through a vigilant leaf cutting/repotting campaign, things are growing very well now. I confess D.anglica is struggling to hang onto life-fingers crossed-. I will be doing plant giveaways this spring when weather warms to pay it forward. Thanks for a good footing in the CP hobby!
    well, the only reason why i put mine up, was because you put yours up! ;) yours is looking good too!
    Yeah, I plan to give them away. That way, I'm paying back a favor and giving back! :)
    The tokaiensis seeds that I got from you from your massive seed giveaway a while back have done well. Some of them are sending up their first scapes! Thanks a bunch! :-O
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