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    Drosera seedeverywherei

    Drosera with this general shape can teleport into suitable habitats from across the planet. Or their seeds can take forever to sprout even in ideal conditions. It's gotta be one of the two.
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    Bical Rescue

    Looks like it's doing better now. Also what's the shiny purple thing?
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    Any ideas about thermostats?

    I have a heat lamp that I'm setting up with a terrarium to keep some plants warm enough to be in the terrarium rather than in a different room. The only problem is that on a warmer day the sun comes in and warms it up by itself, so when I was testing the light today it was 87 degrees at four...
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    First crop of Drosera (adelae I think) seeds, how long do they take to mature?

    Does it look like this? If so it's an adelae and will probably not self pollinate. However you have a lot of time to trade with someone who has another adelae that can breed with yours. http://m8.i.pbase.com/o6/42/895342/1/108643528.kKHbpqVf.adelaeflower.jpg
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    Dendrobium repotting and root rot?

    I was repotting Den. nobile gold star and a few others today because they were in a really bad media and I saw some black roots. Should I cut these off to stop it from spreading or will it make it open to infection? http://i.imgur.com/VAzez0p.jpg
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    First crop of Drosera (adelae I think) seeds, how long do they take to mature?

    Wait, you've only gotten a flower once? I'll send you some of mine if you want to see if it's dependent on the particular plant. My adelae seem to grow two stalks a year around this time, and they keep blooming down the spike until early December. I also saw the same thing with the flowers never...
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    Any hot climate Highland growers?

    How hot does it get?
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    Encouraging the formation of basals

    I don't have experience doing this, but I will attempt it soon and I'll let you guys know. As for my guess as to why it works, the plant probably "realizes" that it isn't as stable or it thinks it has fallen over and grows a basal in an attempt to reorient itself similar to how bamboo(or was it...
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    Flat Drosophyllum.

    There are two others of the same seed batch right next to it that are shaped properly. This one could have an unusual light requirement, but you'd think the others would also and its a bit odd that only the monoleaf guy has problems. At any rate they're being put outside as soon as the frequency...
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    Flat Drosophyllum.

    A while ago a briefly mentioned that one of my dewy pines came up with one leaf and then never got around to getting a picture of it. It has more than one leaf now, but it's still oddly shaped. More like a menorah than like the brush shape my other two are. Have any of you grown similar ones...
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    Claims that Cannabis is Para-Carnivorous

    Does this tomatoes and other plants that are fuzzy are protocarnivores too, because insects get stuck, die, and fall off where the plant absorbs them through the roots even though there isn't any evidence that the point of the fuzz is to catch insects for eating as much as it is to keep insects...
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    Drosera adelae and Polyploidy.[Giant pictures]

    Further update: the polyploid adelae look a little bit pointier with their leaves than the regular ones. Other than that I can't tell any difference.
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    My first Sarrancenia and i'm already doing something wrong!

    No, but what he's saying is the Celsius converted version of what I'm saying. I've checked the weather in Uppsala and it isn't that much different, although -25C/-13F is pushing it for Sarrs.
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    My first Sarrancenia and i'm already doing something wrong!

    They apparently survive that climate. Their native range is Connecticut up through the other northern states and a good chunk of Canada, but I haven't seen one personally. I'm just assuming they're around because others say so and because there's an annoying kind of moth that lays eggs in the...
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    My first Sarrancenia and i'm already doing something wrong!

    Northern Connecticut. Temperature is fifty degrees right now, but it's usually a lot colder than Uppsala. Average low is 18 degrees, minimum has been -25 ever and is -10 usually.