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    Drosera capensis "Big Pink" plants

    1) CoolCapensis 2) Dexenthes 3) Raistlarn 4) Viking 5) birdybrain 6) mikefallen13 - Thanks! 7) nip 'n these - stole #7. also thanks so much for this! 8) PsychoSarah - 8 is my lucky number 9) kdlaws - As a newbie, I really appreciate the help getting my collection started! Thanks!! 10) Incspir...
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    Drosera sessilifolia seeds

    1. DeadlyCarnivore - Thanks! 2. Grey Moss - Thank you 3. Doomsday - Thank you! 4. adnedarn. Much thanks =) 5. Dendrobater - Merci!
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    If it's not too late to join.... S. 'Dana's Delight x OP (3 packs) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance 2) DeadlyCarni 3) CoolCapensis 4) Plant Heathen 5) Flora 6)kleon2 S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x Leah Wilkerson (1 pack) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance. 2) hcarlton 3) DeadlyCarni 4)...
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    algae growth?

    Finally showing signs of life from some sarracenia seeds planted a month and a half ago. Unfortunately the peat is being covered by what looks like some kind of algae. I did have what I thought was cyanobacteria growing so I sprayed with a hydrogen peroxide mixture several times, but that...
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    Little drosera

    I lost the tags on a couple pots, so not sure what this guy is. It may still be too early to tell. It doesn't look like capensis so it's either a binata or gingantea.
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    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Was this still held at the bar/pub mentioned in the first post of this thread? Not sure if d capensis is the gateway drug to get into other carnivorous plants, and everyone has one already, but I have about 2 dozen small plants and a couple thousand seeds I was getting ready to toss. I figure...
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    Drosera flowering

    Is there something in particular that causes drosera capensis to flower? Certain number of hours of daylight or an over abundance of food? I brought my plants inside for the winter 2 weeks ago (zone 8) and put them in my grow tent only to have them explode into flower again, some plants with...
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    Birthday giveaway!! S. Jonseii

    1. TyCoz - awesome giveaway! 2. Blucksy thanks! 3. Rabna - this is great, way to pay it forward! 4. jimscott 5. DrNo7 6. patrickntd - Thank you. Happy Birthday! 7. erikHIplants - Happy Birthday! 8. dendrobater - happy (almost) birthday