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  • I did get your PM, but it says your inbox is full. Thanks for the update...I will be going home for the summer, so please let me know before you ship anything! Thanks!
    I have Pinguicula lutea adult plants up for trade. I also have the following N.C. native bog orchids;
    Pongonia opioglossides
    Calopogon tuberous

    I am interested in one or following sp from your growlist. Listed from most to least desirable;
    S. flava var. rubricorpora ( Liberty Co., Fl.)
    S. leucophilla (Washington Co.)
    S. rosea
    S. alata ( Jackson Co.)
    S.flava flava (Green Swamp)

    Please let me know if you are interested in trading.
    407 - 924 - 3377
    Thanks but i'm not really that good. Its just been luck that most of my stuff stays alive:p.
    xD idk what have you become? *gazes at the wall for a couple moments* Perhaps a legendary grower? Your stuff is doing great. And you achieved your dream of getting cephs :p.
    Hello S21. Yes, I remember you. What have I become:p? I lost a few sarra this winter myself so dont feel bad. Try bigger pots next year. Thanks for stopping by!
    Lol, remember me? The dude from a long time ago who gave you advice on the ceph seeds? It has been so long since I have posted but I have been on rather often (lucrking mostly). Schoolwork keeps me busy. Other than that I am quite proud of what you have become ;). I personally like cephalotus too but unfortunately my parents are not very good growers (summer camp). Like last year I lost half my sarras :(. The neps are doing really good and so is the drosera. Ah well, I am starting to ramble now lol but good growing.
    Hey Eric
    please contact me at Grannelo@aol.com we can discuss your message from earlier this monthI don't do PMs
    Thanx flytraplady5
    Sounds like we're in the same boat. I've read so much about CPs my head hurts...literally:p.
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