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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    Storage methods...OK. I cut off the leaves and pots on all the Sarracenia EXCEPT PURPS!!! Remove the rhizomes and lightly "shake off" excess sphagnum. Thoroughly spray with fungicide. Place in a SEALED baggie with some live sphagnum and enough distilled water so it's "dampish" and perhaps only...
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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    Sorry, gave them all away this weekend.
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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    I have received numerous requests to ship plants. I am not being difficult, but I'm less than two weeks away from hip replacement surgery. My wife and I are both professionals and work [I]a lot[I] and I commute back and forth from Phoenix to the Toledo area...there is simply no time or...
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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    My only request is that you don't charge people more than the shipping (since you're getting them for free.) So far only two people are able to come. I am anticipating doing this Saturday at noon (November 29, 2014). If anyone else is interested, email me at: nieter-russett@usa.net
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    Free Sarracenia: Enormous variety

    I have a huge collection of Sarracenia. Many are endangered, many are rare, many are from Meadowview Biological Research Station and expensive to buy. Two things have happened in my collection: 1) They keep reproducing, so I have run out of space 2) I am moving from the Midwest to Arizona and am...
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    Free Sarracenia to good home

    Free Sarracenia plant list Now that I've finished bringing all of the kids in, I have a list (most or less) of the plants I have available. All are in sealed plastic bags and well-sprayed with fungicide (the same routine I've done for decades.) Here is the list: -S. rubra gulfensis "Red" -S...
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    Free Sarracenia to good home

    I'm putting my kids to sleep for the winter. This year, I grew them in a four-inch top-layer of long-fiber sphagnum moss. The good: the rhizomes expanded DRAMATICALLY making lots of babies. The bad: I already have hundreds of Sarrs and am out of room. I have lots of extra tarnok, regular...
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    Sarracenia oreophila and the Gulf Oil Disaster

    Drill Baby Drill! Um...er....OK, that didn't work out so well...
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    Sarracenia images....

    Wow, that's amazing. Living so much farther north my plants are just starting to "wake up."
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    S. jonesii for trade in spring?

    I just brought my kids (Sarracenia) in for the winter and the rhizomes have grown exponentially over the past years. I am firmly convinced after comparing over three years that 100% long fiber sphagnum is the happiest medium. However, the S. jonesii rhizomes grew like weeds and are now way, way...
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    Year round Sarracenia growing---from seed!!!

    Sarracenia seed YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I stratified some fresh seed from this year as well as a seed pod I had saved from 2007. I planted them on peat in a system from Gardener's Supply that has a a bunch of small reservoirs for the peat with holes in the bottom that sits on a water...
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    Goldtrap's sarracenia care sheet

    Just my 2 cents -I don't believe they need to be fed...ever. Mine catch plenty of bugs on their own. Every fall when I put them into dormancy their tubes are full of insects. -Recommending they be fertilized is like recommending the rhythm method of birth control. Good luck. -Bigger pots...
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    Canadian bog observation

    My family has gone fishing at three sites in mid-northern Ontario for decades. I have noticed over the past several years a PROFOUND evolution of some of the sphagnum bogs. Old fishing pics until several years ago show mats of sphagnum covered with S. purps and D. rotundifolias. We started...
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    Die Blue Jays, Die!!!

    OMG, so ticked off I can't type. I have two trays of year-old seedings I put out a couple of weeks ago...one of S. minor "Okee giant" and (more importantly) a half dozen S. purp. var. Montana "Georgia seed source" seedlings which are rare as hens teeth. Got home and checked on my other...
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    Envenomated agar? Any one try this?

    Could you kindly reference this article? It seems difficult to believe that cytotoxic/hemotoxic snake venom would be effective against plants. Animals cells have membranes which certain snake toxins indeed do destroy, but plants have cell walls. It is almost unfathomable that mother nature...