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    Rare Mutation

    In English, it's called "false vivipary".
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    VFT With No Dormancy Mentioned on ICPS

    Almost another year in the books... I still don't see anything that indicates that the plants won't continue to thrive, though they haven't flowered (neither has my big Ceph, which is definitely old enough), so this year I changed things up a little bit. I opened a window, which dropped the...
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    Do CP's Rot in Water?

    It really depends on two things: 1. Species Every species is different, and while some love sitting in water, others will die very quickly when they have "wet feet" (roots soaking in water all the time). 2. Growing Conditions Some things are only an issue in certain conditions. For example...
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    VFT With No Dormancy Mentioned on ICPS

    I've actually been wondering about this topic, recently, myself. I have some Dionaea that have skipped one or two deeply cold dormancy periods, so far. They're all indoors, and the light has been 18/6 throughout, but the temperature drops 10-20F in the coldest days of winter (compared to the...
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    Invasion of the Fishers

    She might want to get one of those magnetic screens that close after you walk through them. It might help prevent some of the trespassing critters. Do you know what the bite was like? Pain/reaction/duration?
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    Just a bit of an upgrade ;)

    I really like this setup. It's very organized and clean. It'll be cool to see the same picture taken in 6/12 months.
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    The Dionaea Lab

    Thank you! I really like this individual. It's very vigorous, and colors up really nicely. It's definitely on my propagation list. I'm also going to be using it for breeding.
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    Cephalotus cube display piece

    Noooo! Don't disassemble it! It looks great!!! Cephs make for some great small displays. I'm looking for those death cube acrylic boxes. The ones I've found so far are all too expensive to be the same ones used for commercially sold CP's. I kind of want to put my D. adelae in one of those...
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    The Dionaea Lab

    A personal favorite of mine:
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    The Dionaea Lab

    This thread is dedicated to my Dionaea projects. It will be tissue culture heavy. Unnamed Clone #1:
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    Doomsday's Pictures and Videos

    Thanks! These drawings take about 60-90min usually. I just did a Ghost Mantis which I'm gonna upload tomorrow. I'd love to get some of these bugs soon. I just have to get the setups ready, and then find which I'm comfortable having (in terms of venom potency), in case of an accident that ends...
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    Doomsday's Pictures and Videos

    ...and another:
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    Doomsday's Pictures and Videos

    Here is one of my drawings: