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  1. DragonsEye

    Plant of the Month April 2021

    Have toyed, at times, with getting one of these, but believe it would take up too much real estate in my apt
  2. DragonsEye

    Excited for the NASC Auction!!!

    I suspect there will always be interest in Cephs. I'm sure there would be interest in the squamosa as well. If I could succeed in getting a tuberous dew to wake up, I know I would be. Still haven't had any luck with D. menziesii. Got a tuber in 2019 that never awakened that winter. Had the...
  3. DragonsEye

    New TerraForums software! Report issues and all that here.

    So this is a provider you have never utilized before? Then, quite frankly, I make a polite complaint of dissatisfaction if you haven't already done so. Let the provider know that you were unaware of the deadline and disappointed that you won't be able to add this feature. If the provider has...
  4. DragonsEye

    Looking For (trade) Monsteras?

    The adansonii are quite cool --- especially the variegated ones. But you're right about the prices. The amount of $ folks are dropping on such things is just insane, IMO. But if you have the cash and don't mind spending a buttload for a single leaf cutting ... who am I to criticize? heh
  5. DragonsEye


    You have several options, Jerry. 1) Remove the Bulbo as Gadz. said and remount. However, considering the mount, you would likely lose most of the roots. Therefore, if going this route, make sure you do it when the bulbo is actively growing new roots. 2) Leave it alone and simply allow the...
  6. DragonsEye

    New Challenge: Bug Plants

    Looking very promising, Hawken!
  7. DragonsEye

    Air Plant/Tillandsia Issues

    How are you growing it? Be detailed.
  8. DragonsEye

    Plant of the Month November 2020

    Month is almost over.... How about a few more new entries? Don't be shy guys and gals!
  9. DragonsEye

    For Sale Drosera hartmeyerorum seeds

    Freshly harvested. $10.75 for a packet of 10-15 seeds. Multiple packets available. S&H is included in the price. US only. Pm me if interested.
  10. DragonsEye

    Plant of the Month November 2020

    Since Thez said I needed to post to the POTM but didn't have the chance to last month, I figured I'd start this one. So without further ado I present Drosera hartmeyerorum. (click on image for larger view) I've had a number of hart.s over the years, but this is the darkest red I can...
  11. Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red w trichomes.jpg

    Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red w trichomes.jpg

  12. Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red B.jpg

    Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red B.jpg

  13. Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red A.jpg

    Drosera hartmeyerorum dark red A.jpg

  14. DragonsEye

    Plant of the Month October 2020

    Hmm, may have to consider trying someday. Does the "greenery" die down for a large part of the year?