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    You want free Sarrs? I got (mostly) free Sarrs.

    S. 'Dixie Lace' (this is a monster plant, it is in a 5g bucket and is going to weigh a significant amount. I am asking $15 for shipping this one cause of its size and if it costs less I will refund the difference.) 1. raccoon city S. 'Scarlet Belle 1. ZeRoKooL S. flava x minor 1.Cmm889...
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    A few quick pics

    Haha, yes, they are quite filthy. Unfortunately, I can't clean them from the inside, because the dirt is on the outside, and the window is of the horizontally sliding sort, so when I open the window, the part that needs cleaned slides behind the other pane of glass. And, I'm not on the ground...
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    A few quick pics

    I took these quickly, this morning before I left for work. They're a little out of focus; my camera was not cooperating. I think it may have been protesting the earliness of the hour. ^_^ Brs. Eternal Wind 'Kapoho' First pitcher on my new Nepenthes ventricosa x inermis Nothing...
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    D. binata & D. dielsiana seed available for SASE or trade

    I have the following available for trade or SASE: 1 packet of D. binata seed 2 packets of D. dielsiana seed I will update the quantities here as they are claimed, and note when everything is gone. Trades have precedence. PM me with offers, and/or for my address to send the SASEs to.
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    A Few Nepenthes Photos

    excellent plants and pics. What camera do you use?
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    Rooting 'Predator'

    I should think that the whole "hybrid vigour" thing would help somewhat.
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    I have a new love, British comedy!

    Some of my favorites: Monty Python Fawlty Towers Father Ted BlackAdder Jeeves and Wooster(and other Stephen Fry / Hugh Laurie) ITCrowd Mr. Bean(and other Rowan Atkinson)
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    Sweet Drosera time lapse; bow to me!

    Pretty snazzy. It has a cool stop-motion feel to it.
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    Nep seed for SASE giveaway

    PMed with trade offer
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    Sugar Glider Calendar Contest

    I like the 3rd one. Nice contrast and framing with the colors in the background.
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    tiny orange flowers

    nepenthes_ak, I most heartily agree. That's why I was trying to figure out what they were! throckmoron, I'm in TN Thanks everybody for the replies.
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    tiny orange flowers

    Anybody know what plant this is? The flowers are just over an inch long.It grows as a bush-like thing, about 3-4' tall. I found it growing along a stream.
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    What is this phenomenon called?

    Awesome! Thanks so much everybody. Now I don't have to go crazy trying to remember what it is called.
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    What is this phenomenon called?

    I seem to recall reading something about this a while back, but I can't remember what it was referred to as. Anybody know?
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    So, tonight after dinner, I stroll out of my apartment, to be graced by this: By the time I got the camera, most of the second one had disappeared, but you can still see a bit of it. Pretty amazing, eh?