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    Nepenthes Quiz

    But somehow I starting to doubt it too- it looks really like a maxima. Strange, the plant was sold me by the German deliverer http://www.plantarara.com, but they had made once a mistake with their plant names. I wonder if veitchii x gracilis is really correct..
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    Nepenthes Quiz

    Ok, it is a: Nepenthes.... veitchii x gracilis maybe the picture was really bad, sorry, I try to make a better one next time.
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    Nepenthes Quiz

    You people are not even close , maybe you should go in a different direction. But you are right, it looks a bit like maxima
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    Nepenthes Quiz

    Ok, here is one of my Nepenthes. BTW- I KNOW THE NAME   But do YOU know what kind it is?
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    My Flytrap Flowered!#2

    Oh, BTW: there is some button down there called "preview". It can be very useful
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    My Flytrap Flowered!#2

    Maybe you should use the link to the picture instead to the html page
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    please help

    What kind of Nepenthes is it? When I moved into my new flat one year ago, I had no place for the x ventrata, so I simply put it into the bathroom. There it stood for half a year in a dark cornerm taking humidy as low as 35% and tempratures of under 10°C. I think I gave her water about four times...
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    Pitcher Fluid

    The temprature is about 25 - 35 ° C over a day with a humity about 80%. The soil is average wet, but since the plants are growing well, I guess this is not the problem (as I know, most Neps dont like wet feet). @BuMbOiMk only to a purpurea or hybrids where the lid is open. If the plants...
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    Pitcher Fluid

    Hi, I have a question about the Nepenthes pichter fluid. My current problem is, that my plants are growing nice and very fast, but the pitchers have very few fluid in it. Only the bottom is covered with a very thick fluid (when the pitcher has just opened). The plants are: two not IDable...
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    Wierd Pitchers

    If its a long growing Sarracenia, I would bet that the problem is the light. I had problems with a 400W high pressure lamp which even turned VFTs red. My flava and leucophylla didnt sent out one good pitcher under this conditions.
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    traps are turning red!

    Hi, you should be fine with the sunlight alone, it is better to give your plant a rest at night.
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    what shoul I do with my trap?

    Hi Guys and Girls, I dont know why you all want high humity for your VFT. I had mine in the bath for a long time, only with artifical light and they have grown very well- and the humity was around 50%, over night a bit higher and on hot days as low as 35%. I had no problems with any flytrap. I...
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    Another VFT pic

    yes, its only one plant- it has grown four or five extra vegetationpoints after dormacy. I broke them apart when I repotted the plant so it has enough space to grow. The traps which are full red are the old ones- most of them are closed anyway or not in the picture. I am glad that you like the...
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    just another Purpurea

    And the same plant at end of April, only grown under artifical light.... quite a difference
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    Another VFT pic

    I change the soil every year shortly before the dormacy is over. For this plant, I used some glass sand and peat moss. But I swiched to a mix of peat/glasssand/fine gravel and some small clayballs for my new plants. The plants grew only under artifical light until I moved into a new flat 3 weeks...