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    PAID (emc2 $11) gigantea seeds

    Seeds received today. Thanks!
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    Plant of the Month April 2018

    If we have a flower theme then, U. alpina (Parque Nacional Henry Pittier, Venezuela)
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    How old is too old?

    I'm curious too. Do you see any benefit of doing so for TC? I'm never able to get 100% sterilisation of Nep seeds, always have some fungus in at least a few seeds. Does removing the seed coat allow a better treatment?
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    Pitcher of the Month February 2018

    N. veitchii x burbidgeae EP Freshly opened 2 weeks ago: Today, peristome folded and final color
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    Plant of the Month February 2018

    Just a simple N. glabrata
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    Give Away Nepenthes pollen available soon

    Hi all, Two of my Neps are flowering for the first time, and looking at the flower I expect both of them to be male (lucky me...). These are pure mudblood, so I don't expect a lot of interest. Still if you have a female plant without any specific value flowering (I mean if you want to cross it...
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    Give Away Free N.ovata x aristolochioides seeds

    1.heffely92-I would like some 2. Grey Moss - I'll throw my hat in. Thanks for the great generosity! 3. charlie - That's very generous! Thanks for the giveaway! 4. Sashoke - Thank you for the opportunity! 5. Acro 6. Thatonechick thanks so much! 7. Raistlarn -. Thank you for the giveaway 8. emc2 -...
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    I was where you are a few years ago, it's definitively interesting to learn, but takes a lot of time! I will MP you my pipeline, mostly using SLURM scheduler commands and bash to launch the actual tools.
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    What software do you use with the minion, can you use an OLC one as you end up with long reads? I unfortunately have no experience with genomes, only do exomes and transcriptomes, but I can always have a look if I can run it on our HPC cluster.
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    Probably already popped up in your pubmed alerts but else http://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-08461-5.pdf could be an interesting starting point too.
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    Utricularia from wetlands in Alaska

    Was more thinking in shipping a piece of leaf or better a tube of DNA if you can still perform the extraction locally. Else, yes, totally agree, these are different use case, I guess a better comparison, for costs, would be with a 10x genomics run. I'm actually quite interested into the sample...
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    Utricularia from wetlands in Alaska

    I would be interested on your feedback and you protocols over the nanopore sequencing. Send me a MP if you don't mind sharing. Depending the output, coverage, etc it seems quite a steep price by sample. The device is cheap, but then with kit and flowcell it seems each sample will run around...
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes hamata (10 fresh seeds) Giveaway

    1. nongpi - 14, 378, 250 2. Purpoh - 392, 476, 135 3. Grey Moss - 96, 215, 421 4. Swagalotus - 10, 321, 386 5. Girlygirl1010- 180, 356, 475 6. emc2 - 132, 256, 398
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes edwardsiana (10 fresh seeds) Give away

    1) tmurphy44870 42, 567, 678 2) Joeycop 267, 534, 771 3) Plant Heathen 799 , 275 , 013 4) iMango - 300 333 742 5) shenri - 123 783 67 6) nimbulan - 69, 342, 574 7)sharkjaws1234- 10, 120, 750 8)Girlygirl1010 - 130, 620, 85 9) emc2 - 99, 164, 666