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    Coquillage: all that it's cracked up to be?

    1) coquillage - Wiktionary Push play button to hear pronunciation. 2) Yes
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    Sarr Divisions for Shipping: 2016

    Received these today as well. They are monsters! Thanks for doing this. ;)
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    Sarr Divisions for Shipping: 2016

    I'll take a crack at Lot #6. :-D Thanks!
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    "The Venus Flytrap is so named because it actually originated on the planet Venus, and was carried to Earth on a meteorite approximately 500,000 years ago during the last Venusian crustal upheaval." Venus flytrap - Uncyclopedia - Wikia :-))
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    Death dome rescues

    Neat haul! Based off of shape I'd go with S. rubra on that pitcher plant. Time will tell though. :p
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    D. binata "Dwarf Red" root cuttings

    Box received. :-D Albeit a little frozen. Will let you know how it goes!
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    I have D.binata seed, D.capensis alba seed willing to trade

    ^+1 I have a decent selection of Drosera seed if that is of interest.
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    Any of these forum features/games interst you?

    1) Sounds great! Very useful on another forum and is frequently used by most of the members there. 2) Probably not. :p Seems more like an ego boost thing than anything else. 3) Yes please!
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    D. binata "Dwarf Red" root cuttings

    1. ErrorEN- Pick me! Pick me! :-D :wave:
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    What is this sarr?

    Just you. :p If it were minor I'd say it should have the species' signature "windows".
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    Hello From Chicago

    Same as on here. ;)
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    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    1. SgtSarracenia - this sounds quite interesting 2. Nimbulan - This sounds very interesting 3. NotMyRealName - I'm intrigued 4. Chibae.. I will look to see what I have to donate 5. Firerock- thanks 6. Acook- this sounds very fun and interesting, I'm excited! Thank you! 7. patrickntd - Sounds...
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    Mystery Pot of Dews

    I'd say the hood is pretty distinct. Not aware of many mass TC'ed plants with that look to it.
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    Mystery Pot of Dews

    Spot on. The unidentified Sarrs are very likely to be 'Judith Hindle' and 'Bugbat', which are common TC-produced plants.