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    Hello From Texas

    Very happy to see you!
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    Corn Snakes!

    As much as I try to find something beautiful for myself in reptiles, unfortunately, it does not work. How different we all are, and that's great:adoration:
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    Air Plant/Tillandsia Issues

    Were you able to solve this problem?
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome, good to see you!
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    Mantid Madness!

    Thank you for sharing the photo. It looks very amazing and wonderful!
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    Mantid Madness!

    Thank you, it was very interesting to know that there are more or less cannibalistic species.
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    Unknown Drosera sp.

    Please post a photo of how the leaves have changed in the sunlight.
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    Hello, everyone!

    Good afternoon, I am very happy to join your community. I am sure that we have a lot of pleasant and useful communication.