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    Floating Sarracenia bog garden

    Hi everyone!! It has been some time since I have been able to connect with you all. There have been many downs and a few ups, but long story short, I lost most ( between 50%-70% ) of my collection in the last few moves and have mostly Sarracenia left. They were doing good finally this last...
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    Pygmy sundew seeds

    Thank you. Sorry, my plant name spelling is terrible. Do crosses generally produce sterile seeds? Could you use a pygmy flower to pollinate a non pygmy flower? i have read a tiny bit about the different number of chromosomal pairs in sundews and which might be compatible, but again, not much...
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    Pygmy sundew seeds

    Hello! Thanks for reading! I have a couple pygmy sundews that are producing seed pods. I would like to germinate them, but im not sure how. I hand pollinated them, so im confident that there are seeds ripening in those tiny pods. I have tried reading and researching but most articles just say...
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    DJ57's CP farm

    I love The short tubby ones! I have a flava kimber X alata cross that looks similar to yours and i just look those two crossed in which way. ;) Your bog is looking beautiful!!
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes hamata (10 fresh seeds) Giveaway

    1. nongpi - 14, 378, 250 2. Purpoh - 392, 476, 135 3. Grey Moss - 96, 215, 421 4. Swagalotus - 10, 321, 386 5. Girlygirl1010- 180, 356, 475 6. emc2 - 132, 256, 398 7. carnigrower01 288, 187, 364 8. Cain- 5, 350, 482 9. Plant Heathen- 69, 499, 179 10.sharkjaws1234- 368-455-629 11...
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    Give Away Drosera capensis "Bain'sKloof" Seeds

    1) adnedarn 2) Grey Moss - Thanks for the very cool giveaway! 3) Osito - fingers crossed! 4-sharkjaws1234 5) SerMuncherIV 6) Cain - =) 7) Raistlarn - thank you 8) aarolar 9)army8661 10)Dexenthes 11) madrone - thanks for the generous giveaway! 12) pooparella- thank you 13) Flora -...
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    Give Away For Active Members Drosera Giveaway

    D. intermedia 'Cuba 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. 5. D. Filiformis 1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. FLTropical 3. Flora 4. 5.
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    Give Away For Active Members Sarracenia seed giveaway

    1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. Cain- Thanks! 3.sharkjaws1234 4. Flpra thank!s
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    VFT seed give away

    I got mine a while back. Thank you!
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    VFT seed give away

    1. Raistlarn- thank you 2. afrodisa - thank you 3. Dexenthes - sweet! 4. Psycho Sarah - Should be some neat plants from these seeds 5. CoolCapensis - Thank you!! 6. Plant Heathen - Tanks...betting there's some cool plants in there. 7. DRBeck - I'd certainly like some or be up for a drawing! 8...
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    Aww, so sad, I didn't see this in time. I was moving across the country. :( maybe next time.
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    CP Related podcast - Would you listen to it?

    I think this is a wonderful idea, I am excited to hear it! Pear let us know when you get started. I think a good one without be talking a little about the easier species of each type of carnivores plant for beginners. It seems to be a common question on the forums. Personally I would love to...
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    Hey you! Carnivorous plant society peoples.... (NECPS, NYCCPS, Portland folks, ETC)

    I too think this is a great idea. Sent from my SM-S550TL using Tapatalk
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    Greetings from Austin, Texas

    Welcome to the addiction, I mean hobby David! What cps do you like and grow? Sent from my SM-S550TL using Tapatalk