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  • Well, Dell kinda closed last year, so I'm back at college, going to CSI. I knew a few Trevors at Dell, though -- what section did he work in? I've been in Twin for about 3 or 4 years now. Moved down here from Yakima WA to take the job.
    I grow a lot, my signature has a list here of what I grow, although it's not quite up to date.

    All my stuff is inside, due to our Idaho winters -- even Venus Flytraps have a hard go at it outside here. If I was going to pick a small collection of plants to get to start out, I'd get a Cape Sundew, a Venus Flytrap, a Drosera filiformis Sundew (preferably a "Florida All Red" as they don't need to go dormant during Winter), and maybe a butterwort or two. All of those, save the flytrap, would grow good in a sunny windowsill. The Venus Flytrap would work good outside on a porch or deck until about October, when it would need to go in the fridge until Aprilish.

    My name's Mark, I used to work at Dell here in Twin. How long ago were you in Twin?
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