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    Calling all enthusiasts! Need advice for a buddies business in north Tejas!

    Thanks for the reply... yep. Was afraid I'd get something like that! I've pretty much given him the same advice: go to markets (especially flea market) and see what is available and what it goes for. I kind of owe him this favor... I honestly thought I'd be a lot easier than it has been so far...
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    Calling all enthusiasts! Need advice for a buddies business in north Tejas!

    I have a buddy in northern TX who has recently started a business primarily with vegetables and chickens. He hasn't had a lot lot of success so far, and I've been doing what I can to help out, primarily doing research to see what might bring the most bang for his buck. I suggested sago palms...
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    Edible: Wild Field Grown Texas Chives

    Seems like the market is more interested in the carnivores this year, but I figured I would list something a little different. These chives are native here, they pretty much grow everywhere and nearly no one even knows they exist until I tell them about them! They are some sort of unknown wild...
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    A glimpse of what will be available at this year's auction

    Been a while since I've posted on this forum, I've been having a lot of time consuming issues lately that's kept me away. Not even sure when I last posted! I went back to school in 2014 and just graduated a few months ago for my degree. However, due to the money involved I have sold a majority...
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    *PAID* Truely Organic Edible Texas Chives! (AnIsleAteHer $3)

    Sorry, item was shipped like 2 weeks ago... I have it as delivered on tracking. I had alerted carol that all of my plants had been shipped, and it should be partly the winner's responsibility to post on the auction that the plants or items have been received.
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    *PAID* Truely Organic Edible Texas Chives! (AnIsleAteHer $3)

    Okay am ready to ship. Having a big problem: there is no box available at my post office that will hold these chives. I have no idea what to do. May have to cancel this one. I don't want to use a massive box that will cost the winner $15 or better to ship.
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    *PAID* 3 Small Partridge Breast Aloe Offsets (Swagalotus $10)

    Yeah I still need confirmation of payment on this one but I think winner recently paid. Woop! 400th post!
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    Please read before making payment!

    carolatcj: if that address where you'd like your wins sent to as well? I'm gonna be shipping out next few days. Apologies all. I have finals week coming up and have been extremely stressed out and busy.
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    *PAID* Truely Organic Edible Texas Chives! (AnIsleAteHer $3)

    I'll need some shipping info whenever possible. Thanks for bidding and happy growing!
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    General Discussion & Requests

    Yeah just kind of ran out of time. Had a lot to do today on my day off. But... I have dragon fruit and flowering stonecrop sedum. If anyone wants some, let me know here pretty quick and maybe I can do something. My biggest issue is that I have probably underpriced my shipping rates. Big stuff...
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    General Discussion & Requests

    Ah for some reason I was thinking it was going until the 26th. :O So much for listing a few more last minute things, heh. Oh well, maybe next year. I have enough to ship as it is. :P
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    Ramp cultivation?

    Yeah those chives are what I have! Be sure to save the top bulbs for roasts and sautes!
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    *PAID* A Nice Little Clump of Tradescantia (carolacj $3)

    I forgot I even had these growing, but I really do like these "kitten's ears" succulents. Nice and fuzzy to the touch, and grows without any help needed whatsoever. Use as ground covering or allow to trail/vine. Seems to be fairly winter hardy and resistant to strong sun. Mine are grown in about...
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    General Discussion & Requests

    I only now saw this I assumed was addressed to me. I don't really want to list them. Two issues: 1.) I have no idea how to ship an Agave. They are pokey and dangerous and bulky. I'd have to give it a severe cutting job prior to shipping. 2.) My yellow stripers aren't exactly in the prettiest of...
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    *PAID* 5 Starter Iris Giganticaerulea (Giant Blue Iris) (aerogrower $10)

    Okay, so the ones below are the ones I am putting up for the auction currently, however, if bidding goes up more I may toss in a few extra plants for fun. I went out earlier today and picked off some good seed pods from the spent-out flowers, and will include 2 of those in this auction too...