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    Looking for Utrics, have Ant Plants to trade

    Any interest in genlisea? I'd like to try a new ant plant. Oz
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    Looking for S. 'Leah Wilkerson'

    Don't see your list on here. Did I miss it? My division is dormant now but ready to ship.
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    Looking for S. 'Leah Wilkerson'

    I have a larger division for trade. I'll check out your grow list.
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    Nepenthes 'Rokko' aka Wolfplant Cuttings Giveaway!

    1) Pearldiver, thanks! 2) NatchGreyes - Totally Awesome!!! 3) BioZest - thanks a lot! 4) East_to_west* 5) Incognito - Thanks a lot! 6) FloridaCP - Can't pass this up, thank you 7) monkey_Cup 8) krista - Thanks 9) wesly2010 10) ego3k Thank you!!! 11) Casca - Thanks 12) Nikki630 -- oh...
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    N.miranda climbing stem giveaway

    1.wesly2010 2.monkey_Cup 3.Reg 4.BioZest - Thanks for the giveaway! 5.Captdonaldduc 6. Oregoncp Thanks! 7. nikki630 . Thanks so much 8.Dan796 9. ego3k Thanks for the opportunity Charlie 10. gr8oz Thanks!
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    Mini Egg Terrariums

    Does anyone know who manufactures the mini egg terrarium? I want to buy a case wholesale.
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    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    Thanks for this, Mason! I appreciate it.
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    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    1. Lil Stinkpot 2. dueoka - Thanks! 3. Pills23 4. SgtSarracenia 5. Wire Man 6. Oregoncp ( Loving these give aways!) 7. Wamdar thanks! 8. ego3k thanks! 9. Monkey 10. jht-union 11. catrus* 12. incognito - Thanks!* 13. hcarlton-maybe this won't be the unlucky number...* 14. Divaskid...
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    LF Utricularia

    I'm pretty much looking for anything. I've got longifolia, but gave all of the others away when I moved.
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    LF Utricularia

    Hi all, I am trying to set up my utricularia collection again after having moved. I had a nice group of about a dozen plants before but had to pass them off to friends and collectors about 5 years ago. I'm settled again and want to rebuild. Any help would be appreciated. I have lots to...
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    Nepenthes "Wolfplant" Super Seed Giveaways!

    Giveaway 1: Wolfplant X ventricosa Red pre sorted seed 1. Oregoncp 2. TOG 3. dueoka - thanks! 4.Wesly2010 5.SgtSarracenia 6. Pills23 7. KNepenthe 8. BioZest 9. NatchGreyes 10. Eric 11. planturd 12. Kilo-Sierra 13. iEATbugs - thanks! 14.vbkid 15. Hunikejr-Thx 16. theWayden Thanks...
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    Nepenthes x dyeriana pollen available

    I have a huge Nepenthes x dyeriana in flower and only have a couple females in flower right now. Lots to trade for a seed split. Oz
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    Another pollen request

    Still looking? I have some x dyeriana pollen available? Oz
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    Drosera regia for same

    Hi all! I'm interested in expanding my Drosera regia gene pool and have plants from two different sources that I would like to trade out. PM me and we'll discuss sources. I'm interested in trading 1-for-1. I also have some small starters if anyone has anything else comparable they'd like to...
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    LF: Any and all VFTs

    Is everything on your growlist available? I have about 50 flytrap cultivars, most available for trade.