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    my Nepenthes 2012

    The pics make it look so easy :clap: Freakin sick is right!
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    From Keith's Shade House

    Gorgeous pic update as always!
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    Brokken's Greenhouse

    Gorgeous shots as always :)
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    A few pictures

    Love the alata actually. Just nice figure! Nice plants
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    Hello from NYC

    Welcome Steve from a close by neighbor!
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    Indoor House

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I had literally just watered before its glamour shot, but I will keep an eye on that. Question - the temps remain the same in its growing space year round. Do I need to induce dormancy by not watering or should it be moved to a colder location or what?? ...
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    Indoor House

    Kickin off a new thread with some stuff I grow indoors with a 4 tiered shelving system in which I split in to two sections for growing... Apologies in advance for the non-professional like pics. Geez I need to get meself a nice camera after lookin at pics on this forum! Upstairs..... Group...
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    Mass's GH

    Sweet photography!
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    Rainbow rose?

    LOL what a scammer. Still interesting technique though. At what stage of the flower opening does it need to be I wonder when placing it in the colored waters? Or does it not matter? Earlier the better probably?
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    Brokken's Greenhouse

    Spectacular 1, 4, and 8 are mi favoritos!
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    FINALLY HERE! New sarrs are here!

    Very freakin awesome pickup Brie. Best of luck with everything. Makes it hard for me to wait till early spring to pick up a few things from him!
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    Let's See those Helis!

    Lookin good jbradt! What kind of lighting and ventilation are you using there?? Wow Ron, very interesting observations. Just out of curiosity, were all divisions given same conditions to resume/form new growth?? Lets see some pics of your findings! :poke: My CP obsession has been shifting...
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    Happy Birthday rattler!!

    Happy Happy Birthday!
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    So, my VFT doesn't seem to be starting dormancy on my sill...

    Were you growing them outside and brought them in?? What are outside temps? From what I know, and if you were growing them outside, leave them outside to experience frost a few times to really get them in to dormancy and then fridge em or garage em or whatever you would do to shelter them from...