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  1. guitarfreak23

    Just moved with some old Sarrs. too late to repot?

    Just moved from the spartanburg area to clemson SC. The plants have been in the same peat moss for atleast 4-5 years and need new peat. The plants will see the same conditions, just wondering if it's too late to repot? The plants have already flowered and are currently growing seed pods. Should...
  2. guitarfreak23

    Spring is here...

    I too had early buds this year due to fluctuating winter temps. I believe they were on a flava and my scarlet belle. came up in early february. This is in upstate south carolina, so very unusually early for mine. Temps went back down to freezing but i dont think it damaged anything. Im actually...
  3. guitarfreak23

    keeping indoor plants watered while on vacation??

    Hey all, I have an indoor setup that i'm worried about drying out while on vacation for 10 days. I simply have pots/trays set in those large aluminum cooking pans. Im worried all of it will evaporate while im gone, since the water level drops noticeably after a couple days. I know a terrarium...
  4. guitarfreak23

    Live sphagnum 24 hr lighting?

    hello all, Im starting to grow some live sphagnum in my indoor grow shelf. I leave the lights on 24 hrs a day since im growing some sarracenia from seed. Will this affect the live sphagnum? or do they require a normal grow period?
  5. guitarfreak23

    new indoor sarracenia, thoughts?

    im just using this for forced growth of seedlings, at about 2 or 3 years of age theyll return to the outdoors. my outdoor seedlings always get destroyed by squirrels and i thought id give this a shot. thanks for the advice on humidity i was wondering about that
  6. guitarfreak23

    new indoor sarracenia, thoughts?

    ive been interested in sarracenia for a while and have had outdoor plants for a few years now, but am starting up an indoor setup mostly for growing from seed. what do you guys think of it so far? i cant decide if i should keep the celophane on or not. its got 2 GE plant and aquarium bulbs, 2...
  7. guitarfreak23

    Pinguicula giveaway

    P. ehlersiae 1. Vermontscott 2. Larguello 3. sflynn- Thanks for the free giveaway! 4. SerMuncherIV 5. ZeRoKooL - Thanks for your generosity! 6. collin 7. cwatson1414- Thanks! 8. raiseitup01- Thanks dude! 9. unprofessiona - wonderful! 10. Scuipici - Thanks 11. Knuckles - Thank you 12. Dawlito -...
  8. guitarfreak23

    Lost tag Sarrs for free.

    I think id be cool with splitting them. how many are there total?
  9. guitarfreak23

    Lost tag Sarrs for free.

    im interested but id like to see the pics first
  10. guitarfreak23

    help with some drosera and a sar.

    ok so the sar. is definitely a purp. a new pitcher has come up and its an obvious purp. Now will both the hybrid/ species tokaiensis go dormant? and i thought the red ones were capillaris.
  11. guitarfreak23

    help with some drosera and a sar.

    Hey I got this drosera as a freebie with a sarracenia ladybug i got from a local nursery. Its got me stumped. Im thinking spatulata or rotundifolia. Its got a few flower stalks with pink flowers. The main reason i want to know is because I dont know if it will be able to handle the upcoming...
  12. guitarfreak23

    Sarracenia photos- showing off

    Ok, they're not my plants but here are some nice s. flavas and minors I found in nature.
  13. guitarfreak23

    help with a purpurea!

    nope still brown. I think its dead. But luckily one of the torn up pieces is growing a little pitcher, so i still have atleast one purpurea
  14. guitarfreak23

    help with a purpurea!

    There are no growing leaves at the moment. I did figure out how to keep squirrels away though. If you put steaks wherever there are plantless spots the squirrels will not bother the pot altogether.