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  • Hello,

    Was wondering if you have a xs red hairy hamata or N Edwardsiana for an immediate sale?

    Thank you,

    Thank you so much! That was very helpful :). That's pretty much what I have now is a smaller chamber that gets really cold temps to 72 to 69 day time night: is 49 to about 60 nothing higher than that. But I'm gonna be moving to a grow tent which I saw you did to.. Hope it's gonna work out well I have a really cool ac thank god haha thanks again :)
    Hello :)

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you but I noticed your post about your se up..
    I had a few questions for you. How do you cool your plants down at night for your nepenthes villosa great growing on that btw.. What's are your day time and night time temps.. How long ago did you get the villosa from tony..

    Thanks so much :)
    We have a problem..

    Your communication: TOO GOOD!
    Your packing skills: TOO GOOD!!
    Your plant's health: TOO GOOD!!!

    Way to go at being too good at everything. Now I wanna do more trades.
    I appreciate your understanding Luca.
    We will get things righted. No worries!

    And I'm pleased to be acquainted.
    Hi yes got a few years up my sleeve , neps and helis and cephs are my main interest , but grow just about all the others if i can , not much of a drosera fan !! will put up some pic's of my large helis if you like some of the pitchers are now over 30 cm long , i have a large collection of them now , been hard to get here , ok hope to chat more with you and any help you need just ask any time , hope i can help in some way
    cheers john
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