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    VFT inspired nike running shoes

    Hay, Hellz here found these shoes on Nikesb.org, the art and color way on these Air Max 90's are from the artist "Jon Burgerman" and feature VFT inspired art :) I love shoes and I had to share this with you guys so if your in the market for new sneakers, these are definitely a CP growers pick...
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    Hellz is back for a third time!

    Thanks all! and its nice to hear from all you guys again as well hahaha i wish i had stayed in this hobby from b4, i prolly would have amassed a nice collection by now :-D im so excited to start growing again, i remember buying my first flytrap and nep at the philly flower show, o man, i knew i...
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    Hellz is back for a third time!

    Hay everyone, its been a while, no one probably remembers me, but yea ive been on these forums for a while, im thinking since i was in 8th grade, and now im a freshman in college :-O tried gettin back into the CP scene b4 in like, 11 grade, kinda fell out of the hobby in 10th, but yea i was...
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    A Few Pics

    WOW!!! very nice enclosure! im green with envy lol Hellz
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    Seeds germinated

    Hay, Hellz here, on the contrary, i find that germinating VFT under grow lights is a very good way of starting them off as opposed to outside, they are in a controlled enviroment, allowing you to ensure optimal conditions. When i had baby VFT before, they were very vigorous, and all done under...
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    Seed viability

    Hay, Hellz here all my seed were cold stored and dry in wax paper and sealed plastic bags for this whole time, (i believe a year and a half at most...) except for some Darlingtonia seed and some S. oreophila in cold stratification (i feel so stupid to have forgotten seed like that were...
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    Seed viability

    hay, Hellz here o thanks for your concern, but i know stratification involves keeping the seed in a moist media for a certain amount of time in order to replicate its natural enviroment, as to allow growth to occur. When i bought these seed on ebay, the sender said they were pre stratified...
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    Seed viability

    Hay, Hellz here, i have seeds i got a WHILE ago (like... 2005...), some 2000 stratified assorted sarra seeds, and i wanted to know wether or not i should even try to plant em again, or if they would even b viable still. i also have alot of drosera seeds, like capensis, spats, dielsiana, some U...
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    RE: D. scorpioides gemmea

    Hellz here PM sent, thanks a bunch!
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    Happy Birthday to the crazy Jimscott

    happy bday man! Hellz
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    IM BACK!

    thanks guys, what i really like about growing CPs, aside from actually growing them, is the community that shares the same passion for these plants, everyone on these forums is so friendly, and VERY helpful (the advice i recieved from here def saved some of my plants before lol) you guys rock! Hellz
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    IM BACK!

    Hay! Hellz here wow its been a while since ive been on these forums lol well lets c... all my CPs died... cuz... im so ashamed to say so... but lack of interest on my part... but a trip to the supermarket today, and seeing some VFT on the rack made me miss my old hobby sooo now im back
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    Hay Hellz here, all i can say is... Hellz
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    I'm mad now!

    Hay, Hellz here. from what ive read, it definately sounds like its hot, i agree with JBL good luck. Hellz
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    C. follicularis

    Hay, Hellz here, idk if Cephs like to be water logged all the time, i think they do best when they have a little dry period inbetween waterings, Hellz