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    Properties of alternative growth media

    Back when I was growing orchids, the word was that coconut husk chips needed to be soaked and the water replaced a few times to get all the salt. If you think about it, it makes sense that the chips need soaking time to mobilize salt or whatever that needs to migrate through the material. That...
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    Thanks Acro. I will be doing the same.
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    Can people without Facebook accounts list or bid on plants, etc?
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    The plant was exactly as described, nicely packed, and shipped promptly. And, to top it off, the plant listed as having only one growth point now has two. Thanks Criss!
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    (PAID) (herenorthere $11) S. alata Black (Orgel’s Orchids)

    Received in great shape - thanks Criss!
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    The Trap

    Here's the subheading of an interesting article from the Oxford American, which I think people will be able to open (I subscribe): The Venus flytrap grows only in the swamps around Wilmington, North Carolina. Are laws against poaching it too harsh? The full article is at...
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    Give Away N. sanguinea + VFT looking for a good home

    The plants are gone and thanks for looking.
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    Give Away N. sanguinea + VFT looking for a good home

    I have a small VFT and N. sanguinea that are looking for a good home and they are happy to go live with someone else for free. They're hoping to get better care and more attention than I gave them during the past year. There's no cost for them and no cost for shipping - I'm feeling guilty.