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    Looking For (trade) Looking for Dragons

    Hi there, This may be a long shot, but I will give a try here because I know this is only place that could help me. I am looking for some TC Exotica plants that was released more than 10 yrs ago, the N. 'Red Dragon', Marbled Dragon, 'Black Dragon', and any other Dragon series. They can be rooted...
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    Looking for D. regia

    I am looking for a good size D. regia. I have the following plants for trade. All of them are rooted cutting. Please pm me and I do consider other trades option like pings. Ventricosa x aristo female Ventricosa x ovata Thorellii x aristolochiodes male Maxima x tm Maxima x (lowii x ventricosa)...
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    Hi, I have a lowii x camp is flowering and I would like to cross it your veitchii. Are you...

    Hi, I have a lowii x camp is flowering and I would like to cross it your veitchii. Are you interested? It will open this week or next.
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    Nepenthes lowii

    1. rball 2. dr_donut, I have always wanted to try this species, so thanks for this opportunity! 3. hcarlton 4. grey moss. Thanks for the wonderful oppertunity 5. Pearldiver Thanks, great giveaway! 6. SerMuncherIV 7. Purpoh, Thank you so much! This is so generous! 8. Nimbulan. Well I can't resist...
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    Saw your post what do you have to trade

    Saw your post what do you have to trade
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    Nepenthes for micro mini orchid

    I am looking for a Lepanthes telipogoniflora. I have some nepenthes for trade. These are rooting cuttings/ basals N. lowii x campanulata N. ventricosa x aristo N. thorellii x aristo N. ventricosa x spectabilis N. spathulata x hamata Pm me for photo and offers.
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    N. bongso seeds for trade

    I have 1 pod (~50 or more) of bongso seeds for trade I am looking for P. laueana or P. emarginata. Please PM me if interested.
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    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    1. Randoja 2. SgtSarracenia - although random cuttings, will they be labeled? Either way, great giveaway! 3 paulkoop 4. RandyS - thanks, Chris! 5. huy716- thanks
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    Nepenthes Give Away

    The pitcher was ripped when arrived.
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    Nepenthes Give Away

    Charlie, the plant arrived in the great condition. Thank you again.
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    Nepenthes Give Away

    Thank you, Charlie
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    Nepenthes Give Away

    1. rjhaway - Thank you for the opportunity! What a generous offer! 2. Darlantin - Thank you! 3. J.Gennaro thanks!!!! 4 SerMuncherIV 5.Jds197 Thank you! 6. hcarlton-Thanks for the chance! 7. huy716- Thanks 8. 9.
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    typical vft, filiformis var filiformis and tracyi giveaway for postage.

    1.DragonsEye -- I'll play. (Convenient timing as I had a giveaway already planned for next week.) 2. unprofessiona - fun! 3.ZeRoKooL - Very generous, thank you! My filiformis is shooting up a flower stalk. Will post SASE for seeds when ready. 4.huy716-thanks Etc.