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    Can someone tell me what's going on with m Pinguicula? thanks!

    Hello, In my opinion, all your pings are growing well. The only thing I prefere say to you, concerne the ping on the first picture. It seems that some water is up the ping's leaf. Be carefull, It could make some problems if the sun is shinning a lot, because it could make the leaf "burn" ...
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    hybrid of Pinguicula, Mexican

    hello all I just want to know if this hybrid is always alive in some collections of CP's growers I search about P. x 'zarniwoop'...
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    mexican ping experts come (water question)

    thats good question :) how long is the normal life of a pinguicula ? can someone tell me ? i'm not sure but i think some of mine have few years... perhaps 3 or 4....really dont know
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    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    This p. laueana is always with summer leaves....so the chance is that the leaves are big enough to make it easy... It sure that metal tools cause injury, and the leaf will be probably destroy by botrytis or something like that, before having any plantlets... in most of cases, when you unpot a...
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    Pullings / Roots

    in dormancy period, the roots are not important for the pings, because normally it is the dry periode... the usually do new roots when the begin to grow once again.. More over I think they will making roots when you put them on a soil ;) but roots are always small...dont worry
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    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    Usually, I exactly do the same method as Joseph do... I take the older leaf when i put my pings in a new pot with new perlite.... it is really the most easy way to do, because the plant is on your hand, and you can reverse her... i prefer the carnivorous leaf because they are more big than the...
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    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    Ps3isawesome, in my advice, it is better to take your finger, or you will probably hurt the leaf... make it slowly, take the leaf between your fingers, and take the leaf slowly to the right....not to much...and then come back...and go to the left....and so on... sometimes up and down...and...
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    Are things Pinguicula ready for leaf pullings?

    exactly Ras, i completly agree with your opinion... my pings decided themselfs when they want to go dormant... and the only who changes alone without i'm doing nothing, is the number of sunny hours in a day... so i think this is THE factor who makes pings going dormant... and this P. laueana is...
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    mexican ping experts come (water question)

    I got water tanks outisde, with rain's water inside... In the beginning, i use this water for all of my carnivorous plants... one day i had just a little bit water in tanks, so i keep the water for plants like VFT , sundews etc.... and so i try the tap water with pings... i never see any...
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    flower of P. gracilis x emarginata, and flower of P. gracilis

    here you have the P. gracilis on the summer time, in the middle of picture
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    flower of P. gracilis x emarginata, and flower of P. gracilis

    thanks ;) the P. gracilis flower is little bit more big than the other.... but the flower of P. gracilis is more short, and the P. gracilis x emarginata is higher... the P. gracilis and her hybrid are two plants very small in size....
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    flower of P. gracilis x emarginata, and flower of P. gracilis

    P. gracilis x emarginata (x2) P. gracilis
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    New from Virginia

    Welcome Jay :)
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    Greetings to All from NJ

    Welcome :)
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    list of calciphilious (calcium-loving) mexican pings?

    personnaly, i look my pings everyday... and if you do the same, normally you can see in one day, if something going wrong... if its not better in 3 or 4 days...be carreful.... look if leaf going "dry" .. or the center of rosette going brown ( dead is near)... ping must do new leaves when...